A family camping trip is a rite of passage that should definitely be on everyone’s summer Must Do list. And, if you’re a newbie camper or not so keen on the idea of sleeping outside? Don’t worry, there’s a perfect camping option for you, too. From luxury glamping to travel trailers to a trusty tent in your backyard, we’ve got plenty of easy ways for you to get those summer camping vibes. Scroll down to see them all.

Camp without Actually Leaving Your House

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Sometimes you don’t need to go any further than your own house for an adventure! A cool backyard campout under the stars is just the thing to warm your little campers up to the great outdoors. Set up the tent together, roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire pit, stargaze and break out the flashlights for (not so) spooky stories after dark. You get the thrill of a camping trip while knowing that the comforts of home are just a few steps away. Check out more fantastic ideas for camping at home right here.

Try Glamping

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If your idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service, then one of these glamping vacations will be just the thing. This type of luxury camping often includes full beds, electricity, WiFi, showers, entertainment and sometimes even meal delivery. From glammed-out trailer rentals to totally hip treehouses and yurts, you can guarantee there's a glamping destination with your name on it. Wake up in gorgeous nature while still having plenty of amenities to keep you feeling pampered and cozy.

Camp on Wheels

JUCY RV Rentals

With so much to see and do around the country, it’s hard to stay in one place! Make it a camping trip and a road trip all in one with an RV camping excursion. RV rentals can easily carry everything you’ll need for your adventure, and you can park and catch some ZZZs before heading off again for more fun. You can find a range of fully equipped rentals from vintage to modern at Peace Vans in Seattle, with available add-on packages of extras and gear to make your trip even sweeter. Or, try a JUCY RV rental and let the kids try out the fabulous penthouse roof. Located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the San Francisco Bay Area and a new Vancouver location opening in May of 2018, the retrofitted minivan RVs include full kitchens with solar-powered fridges, a sink, two gas stoves and double beds that can sleep up to four. Want to go light on the packing? JUCY vans can stock your vehicle with bedding, playing cards and more.

Pitch a Tent

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Who’s got the tent poles? Keep it classic with good old-fashioned tent camping! Load up the car, pack a cooler and hit the road to find a fantastic campsite. Sleeping outside and snuggling beside your tiny tent buddies is an experience that can’t be beaten. Snag a spot on the beach or choose one of these super kid-friendly locales. Bring the sleeping bags and s’mores, and get ready to make some memories.

Need more campsite ideas? Make sure to try these hidden gems.

Get a Little Cabin Fever

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Relive that summer camp experience of your youth with a stay in a campground cabin. The perfect mix of wilderness and comfort, a cabin is great for those who want to camp, but aren’t quite ready to commit to going it tent-style. Try one of these top cabin camping spots or make a reservation at one of these cool cabins. There’s a cabin for every camping type, from bare bones rustic to a sweet setup with a TV.

Get Prepped with Camping Hacks

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The most important part of a camping trip is obviously having fun and getting in some serious family bonding time. But with some simple prep and a few hacks up your sleeve, you can step up your camping game from novice to know-it-all. Try a few of these amazing hacks, learn how to make preparations a breeze and take note of these genius ideas to make your trip a hit. Happy Camping!

—Anna Doogan



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