Whether you prefer to rough it or go glamping, with the right gear and a little preparation, camping with a baby can be a fun and memorable experience for the whole family. No, really! There are just a few things to keep in mind before diving in. Before heading out on your adventure, do some research and find a campsite that is baby-friendly. Look for a location that offers easy access to running water, clean restrooms, and a nearby store in case you need to pick up any essentials. But, with our list of baby camping gear, you should have most of your essentials ready to go!

From the best all-terrain strollers to swimming diapers and more, we’ve put together a list of go-tos for your first camping adventure with your little one. There’s a chance you’ve thought of some of these, but we think we’ve got some surprise winners you’ll love! No matter how you’re defining camping—a cabin, a tent, an RV, or just a day hiking, these are tried-and-true baby camping gear essentials so you’re always as prepared as possible!

Graco Modes Adventure Stroller Wagon

grey stroller wagon

Babies need a lot of gear to go just about anywhere. Haul it all in an all-terrain wagon. This one comes with harnesses and a sun shade so it's great for hauling babies, too!

Graco Modes Adventure Stroller Wagon ($299.00+)—Buy Here!

Kelty Discovery Basecamp Backpacking Tent


Every family needs somewhere to call home, even while camping. This lightweight tent is easy to put together and has enough room to comfortably fit a baby and parents.

Kelty Discovery Basecamp Backpacking Tent ($119.00+)—Buy Here!

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Water Bottle Cleaning Set

water bottle cleaning brush set

Washing bottles and dishes while camping takes a little more elbow grease. This bottle and dish cleaner set helps you get both clean no matter how much dirt is caked on. All pieces store together compactly on an included ring!

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Water Bottle Cleaning Set ($11.99)—Buy Here!

Swim Diaper by Nageuret


A good camper leaves no trace behind—that includes diapers. This reusable swim diaper is perfect for dips in the lake. It's adjustable and machine-washable so it'll last! Available in multiple colors and prints

Swim Diaper by Nageuret ($18.99)—Buy Here!

Noah's Tarp Sun Shelter


If shade is hard to come by, bring your own! This sun shelter will protect your baby's sensitive skin no matter how brightly the sun is shining.

Noah's Tarp Sun Shelter ($50.99)—Buy Here!

Folding Chair by hiccapop


Even babies need somewhere to sit when camping. Keep yours happy and contained in this small, light folding camping chair that doubles as a high chair! It even has a pocket on the back to store bibs, wipes and other small baby supplies.

Folding Chair by hiccapop ($34.92)—Buy Here!

Peapod Plus Travel Bed by KidCo.


This travel bed is perfect for camping since it has a built-in insect screen and sunshade. It's small enough to fit inside a family tent, which means everyone can sleep soundly and safely! It comes in 5 colors.

Peapod Plus Travel Bed by KidCo. ($99.95)—Buy Here!

POP N' GO Portable Playpen


Every baby needs a safe place to hang out while their parents set up tent. This playpen is large enough for multiple kids, is incredibly light and comes with a removable sunshade to protect baby's sensitive skin!

POP N' GO Portable Playpen ($149.99)—Buy Here!

All Over Bib by Grabease

baby in highchair wearing all-over bib

Chances are you're not packing a ton of extra baby clothes while camping. With this all-over bib in tow, you don't have to! Plus, it's easy to wipe, making clean-up after camping a breeze no matter how messy your baby may be in the wild.

All Over Bib by Grabease ($26.99)—Buy Here!

Hiking Baby Carrier by LuvdBaby

woman with hiking child carrier on back

This carrier is designed to keep both little passengers and their grown-ups comfy. It's well-padded, ventilated, and highly adjustable. As a bonus, it has tons of pockets so parents can haul snacks and sippy cups while remaining hands-free!

Hiking Baby Carrier by LuvdBaby ($169.90)—Buy Here!

Baby/Toddler Swimsuit Set


Keep your baby's skin protected from the sun while swimming with an adorable rash guard set! It comes in a ton of colors and prints and even includes a matching hat.

Baby/Toddler Swimsuit Set ($23.97)—Buy Here!

Sun Runner Cap by Outdoor Research

blue kids sun hat
Outdoor Research

Speaking of sun hats...Nothing will ruin a trip more quickly than a sunburned and cranky baby. This hat provides protection for your wee one's ears and neck. It has UPF 50+ sun protection and a moisture-wicking sweatband. This is a great choice for any kid who won't tolerate sunscreen or whose hair hasn't fully grown in yet!

Sun Runner Cap by Outdoor Research ($11.20)—Buy Here!


All Terrain Stroller by BOB Gear

black all terrain stroller
BOB Gear

Camping with a baby probably means you need to navigate some uneven terrain. This multisport stroller can handle it all. Plus, padded interior and air-filled tires mean it's comfy for both little ones and their parents. Also, the canopy is 100 percent waterproof, windproof, and rated UPF 50+ to shield your kiddo from the elements.

All Terrain Stroller by BOB Gear ($699.99)—Buy Here!


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