There are a million ways to express yourself through what you wear. And there’s no right way to do it—not really. It varies from person to person, occasion to occasion, and day to day. But following a few guidelinescan help you feel your absolute best.

As a former personal stylist, our shopping editor has 8 tips that apply across the board, no matter who you are, what your personal style is, where you live, or what your work or home life looks like. In her opinion, a fashion faux pas is really just anything that doesn’t feel good when you wear it. Make sure to adjust these tips to fit (pardon the pun) whatever you feel great wearing.

1. Don’t ignore your waist.

Mistake: Wearing clothes that don’t flatter your body shape can leave you feeling a bit off-balance. Your waist, no matter how you feel about it, is the central part of your silhouette and is where your whole look comes together.

Solution: Choose pieces that play up your best bits. Got a pear shape? A-line skirts and tops that cinch at the waist, or a medium-width belt to define your middle can work wonders to create a more balanced silhouette. Have a more petite frame? Avoid anything that swallows you up and create the illusion of a bit of a soft curve with, again, a thin belt. Beautifully broad shoulders and/or bust? Have you heard about belts? A wide belt complements broader shoulders, busts, and hips.

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2. Embrace the basics.

Mistake: Focusing only on statement pieces without the basics to tie everything together? Not a good look. Trust us, it’s so important to have neutral, classic items to mix and match with the bolder options in your closet.

Solution: Build your wardrobe on classics like white shirts, blazers, and jeans. They’re the foundation of any killer outfit.

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3. Don’t overdo it.

Mistake: Trying to squeeze every trend into one outfit can leave you feeling more chaotic than cool.

Solution: Focus on one or two trends or statement pieces per outfit, then keep the rest low-key and classic for a polished look. Think: a bold blouse with tailored work trousers, printed shorts with a classic white tee, or a vintage patterned dress with simple solid slides. If you’re wearing a matching set or one-piece (romper, jumpsuit, etc.) with a fun pattern, keep the jewelry simple and slightly understated. We’re letting those statement pieces do the talking here.

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4. Avoid visible bra straps.

Mistake: Letting your bra straps peek out from under your clothes can cramp your style.

Solution:  Invest in strapless bras or accessories like clear straps to keep your undergarments discreet. Or go for tops and dresses with built-in support to keep everything looking seamless.

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5. Let your accessories shine.

Mistake: Going overboard with accessories can ruin a look.

Solution: Choose a few standouts to elevate your look and let them do the work. If you’re sporting a bold statement necklace, go easy on the earrings and bracelets to keep the focus where it belongs.

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6. Avoid disheveled clothing when you can.

Mistake: Wearing wrinkled, stained, or damaged clothes can make you look like you just rolled out of bed (we totally get that sometimes you did and that’s fine). It happens! Don’t beat yourself up here. But if you’re feeling less-than pulled-together, de-rumpling your wardrobe is super helpful.

Solution: Freshen up! Take the time to care for your clothes properly by laundering, ironing, and storing them with care. Repair any damages pronto, like loose threads or missing buttons, to keep your clothes looking crisp and clean.

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7. Comfort is always key.

Mistake: Sacrificing comfort for the sake of fashion? No, thank you so much.

Solution: Look for clothes and shoes that feel as good as they look. When you’re comfy, you’ll shine from the inside out. So many options combine comfort and style, so don’t settle for something you think looks good if it feels awful. Chances are, you’ll find a similar piece that’s better and more comfortable if you look a little longer.

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8. Lead with your personal style.

Mistake: Following trends without considering your personal style can leave you feeling like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes.
Solution: Curate a wardrobe that reflects who you are and makes you feel confident. Experiment with different styles, silhouettes, and colors to find what makes you feel like your best self!

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