Featured Event FAQ

What does it mean to feature my event?

Featuring an event increases its visibility on our site. The more people see your event, the more RSVPs you will get! If you choose to feature your event it will be promoted in the market relevant to your event. The market relevant to your event is determined by your event’s location.

My event repeats over multiple days, how do I feature it?

Before paying to upgrade your submission to a featured status you will be asked to select the individual dates for which you would like your event promoted. Selecting multiple dates will cause the price to increase.

Tip: Your event will be promoted on our site for 14 days prior to event date. If you are featuring an event with recurring dates, your event promotion will begin 14 days prior to the featured date you select. If possible, select a date to feature that is occurring at least 14 days in the future. This will help maximize your event’s exposure. For example: If your event takes place on Mar. 7, 14 and 18 and you submit your event on Mar. 3, you will get 14 days of exposure when you feature the Mar. 18 date and only 4 days of exposure if you feature the Mar. 7 date.

Also, if you select two dates that are close together you will not receive much additional promotional value.

How do I make an edit to a featured event?

This process is the same for featured and non-featured events. Edits can be made by selecting the edit icon from the Manage My Events dashboard. Keep in mind that editing an event will remove your event from our site until it has been reviewed and re-approved. We will prioritize review of edited events to limit your event’s downtime.

I paid to feature my event but I don’t see it. Where is it?

All events that have been submitted need to be reviewed for approval before they are published to our calendar. It you have paid to feature your event we will make it a priority to review your event, but it still might take a couple days. You can check the status of your event submission any time by going to your Manage My Events dashboard.

Once your event has been approved you will receive an email with a link to your event on our site.

If there are multiple featured events in one market, the event happening soonest will be given priority placement. If other featured events take place before your event, your event will be located further down on the page. Featured events will start receiving promotion 14 days prior to the event date and stop receiving promotion when the event date has passed.

My featured event was rejected what happens now?

If your event does not meet our editorial guidelines for event approval (even if you have paid to have it featured) we will reject your event. If this happens the amount paid to feature your event will be credited back to your account.


If you have questions about your Featured Event listing email us at events@tinybeans.com.

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