February Writing Challenge: The Truth About Relationships

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The month of love is upon us. But as we know, it’s not always about Valentines and red roses. During the month of February, we want to hear your stories about marriage, relationships and how being a parent impacts it all.

Maybe you have the secret to making weekly date night work. Or you’re ready to tell all about the ongoing battles that exist between you and your spouse. Or maybe you’re in a sexless marriage that’s stronger than ever. Whatever you have to say, we want you to share your story here on Spoke.

We’re looking for unique stories! Think outside the box – we want to be laughing until our sides hurt or inspired to see things from a slightly different perspective. Our editors will select three original stories as featured articles, and the writers of those stories will earn $100. Winners are selected based on the quality of writing, originality, and number of page views received.

Need some writing inspiration? Consider one of these topics:

  • Will this ever end? The ongoing battles with my spouse
  • Why my husband and I kiss in front of our kids
  • 5 things that make me wonder if date night is worth it
  • My husband and I sleep in separate bedrooms and our marriage is stronger than ever
  • I’m a single parent and this is why I won’t date
  • What I want you to know about my same-sex marriage
  • Do sex and marriage still exist after 15 years?
  • My partner and I do these three things to keep our relationship strong
  • Why I won’t let my kids meet my new boyfriend/girlfriend
  • My spouse and I are not affectionate and here’s why that’s okay
  • Why marriage is much harder after kids

Ready to join the conversation? Submit your story today! Use the article code “february”if you’re submitting an original post.

Do you have a previously-published post you’d like to share on Spoke? We want to read it! While previously-published stories are not eligible to receive the $100 prize, they do qualify for incentive pay. We’d love to include your posts on Spoke and possibly share it with our readers.