Smarter Foods for Your Kids


Teresa Purzner

I’m the Co-Founder of Cerebelly, an MD neurosurgeon with a PhD in developmental neurobiology but first, a mother of three.

While doing my research at Stanford I had my own babies and realized there was a huge gap in the market when it came to providing specific nutrients during key windows of brain development. Not only did the foods on the healthiest grocery store shelves miss out on these nutrients, they were missing out on the basic nutrients a developing brain and body needs. So, I decided to set out and change that with Cerebelly in 2019. I knew if I didn’t do that, there was a high likelihood of no one else doing it.

But how do we ensure our little ones are getting the right nutrients? Well, I think a lot of parents take great pleasure and pride in making their kids food and there’s so much value in doing that which extends well beyond the nutritional profile of the food you create. I created Cerebelly to give parents one less thing to worry about and really felt (and still do!) that with our products, we help alleviate the guilt around eating and set our kids off on the right path for long-term vegetable eating. No matter how you look at it, Cerebelly has 8x the nutrition to support healthy brain development, among the 7-top selling baby food pouches on the market.

I’ve found shopping to be quite overwhelming -– even on the healthiest grocery store shelves – and encourage all parents to ‘Flip Your Food’ and see how our nutrition stacks up for smarter snacking. There may be all the right ingredients pictured on the front – but what is the first ingredient on the ingredient list? Often it will be apple, banana or pear. Many packages tout spinach and dark leafy greens on the front, only to discover on the back that there is a few percent of the daily requirement of iron on the nutritional panel – the equivalent of ONE calorie of spinach in the actual product. Each pouch has a nutritional panel – cut through the confusion by just looking at it.

Some tips for parents to look for:
Explore Different Veggies and Fruits: There are many essential nutrients that support healthy brain development and they aren’t all in your basic, everyday fruits and veggies. To make sure your little one is getting the nutrients they need, look to a wide variety of vegetables and fruits like kelp, maitake mushrooms, squash seeds, algal oil and sunflower seeds that have high nutritional density including DHA, Iron, Zinc and Vitamin E.
Don’t be Fooled by Baby Food Packaging!: Flip your food, as it’s the nutrition inside that counts. A box, jar or pouch may tout Spinach on the front of the package, but if it only has 2% of a child’s daily value of Iron, you are probably getting the equivalent of 1 calorie of spinach.
Veggies Over Fruit: Look for vegetable-first baby foods, rather than fruit-first foods (which can be jam packed with sugars). Veggies are where so many good nutrients are!

At Cerebelly we’re really conscientious about things like heavy metals and contaminants (hence the Clean Label Award!!) and ensure that our products combine up-to-date early childhood nutrition with developmental neuroscience to provide nutritious, but also delicious, organic, non-GMO, 100% plant-derived, vegetable- first, dairy-free, and gluten-free, with no added sugar products – giving our little ones the best possible start in life with the age-optimized pouches and most recently our smart bars, to grow with.


Sweet Potato Mango

Ripe, tart mango and buttery sweet potato pack a bright punch


Our purees contain 8x the nutrients of a conventional pouch. They are designed to support the developing brain of children between the ages of 4 - 24 months old, but they make an amazing snack for toddlers, too!



Blueberry Banana Sweet Potato Smart Bars (5-pack)

The smartest of snack bars, this tasty combo supports brain growth in regions like the parietal lobe


Our Smart Bars contain 10 brain-supporting nutrients, 0g of added sugar and 3g of protein. Whether it's for your toddler who's ready to start chewing their food, or your older kiddos who need a healthy snack, our bars are the perfect go-to. We like to call it smart snacking.



Cerebelly X Peppa Pig Smart Bars

We’ve partnered up with Peppa Pig and created fun new packaging for her favorite Smart Bars! Who knew eating healthy could be so fun?

$4.99 for a 5-pack

Ancient grains, crunchy carrots and sun-kissed raisins combine in this smart snack bar delivering brain-supporting nutrients including Zinc, Iron and Vitamin C.



The Bright Start Bundle

Set your little one up for success by providing for them the nutrients their developing brain needs, when they need it. The 28 selected items make the job easy for you!

$81.04 + 15% off

The Bright Start pack ensures you are getting the most critical nutrients, like Choline, Selenium and Zinc, during these most critical windows of brain development.



Pea Spinach Pear

These four nutrients are known to support the growth of the cerebellum, which coordinates your little one’s posture, balance, coordination, and speech, as well as their cingulum, which helps regulate things like attention, visual and spatial skills, and memory

$2.17 each   BUY NOW

Garden-fresh peas and leafy spinach get a sweet boost from orchard pears, while quinoa adds texture and a hearty helping of Protein, rounding out this puree also high in DHA, Folate, and Selenium