Make Buggy Finger Puppets!

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Sometimes you need a quiet activity to do with your preschooler when your baby is sleeping. Here’s an easy, goofy craft perfect for just such an occasion.  With a little glue and some extras, you can make these adorable finger puppets.   Who knew you could have so much fun with a pair of old knit gloves?

This activity is appropriate for:  4 – 6 years

You will need:

* Pairs of old knit winter gloves

* Scissors

* Tacky Glue

* Puffy Pipe Stems

* Wikki Stix

* Colored Feathers

* Spangles & Sequins

* Wiggly Eyes


1. Before you begin the project, create the bugs’ bodies by cutting the fingers off of one or more pairs of winter gloves. These cut off fingers are the finger puppets’ bodies.

2. Let your child select a bug body to decorate, then provide them with decorating supplies, such as feathers, sequins, yarn, Wiggly Eyes and Pipe Stems for legs. Allow them to decorate as they desire.

Pull up a chair and get into the moment with your kid. Once you sit down, you’ll remember how much fun it is to get glue on your hands.  Between the two of you, you’ll probably come up with some crazy critters!

Buggy Bodies Finger Puppets, Courtesy of Lakeshore Learning, a great resource for kids craft and art supplies.