Comedian Absolutely Nails the 5 Types of Parents at Drop Off

Types of Parents at Drop Off Dude Dad/YouTube

You know you’re one of these

There are many different types of parents, but when it comes to school drop off, there are a few stand-out characters. This year, the world has shined a light on parents who don’t have their kids ready in the drop-off line and funny ways schools are encouraging parents to follow the rules.

Now, video creator and father Tyler Calmus has dropped a hilarious video on the top five parents at school drop off. The owner of the YouTube Channel, Dude Dad has pretty much nailed each and every one of them and confession: we now have to admit our “type.”

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At the top, the “Always Late Parent.” We’ve been there, we see you, we are you. From wondering where their kids shoes are, to realizing they didn’t pack a lunch, to pleading with the kids to just freaking run before the second bell, the world wouldn’t be the same without a late parent.

Types of Parents at Drop Off
Dude Dad

Then comes “the Clinger.” Ahh, if only they were relegated to first time pre-school parents and kindergarteners. But alas, Clingers are everywhere. From the non-stop hugs and pictures, to the “I’m so proud of you’s,” you likely have a Clinger in your kiddos class that is bringing all the feed-good vibes.

Types of Parents at Drop Off
Dude Dad

On to one of our faves, “The Cyclist.” While represented this particular way for Dude Dad’s video, these parents may also come in the form of a jogger, complete with enormous BOB Stroller. We can’t help but love the obvious stretches, references to a generic job, and directions to not mingle a $1,700 Trek bike with the Huffy’s.

Types of Parents at Drop Off
Dude Dad

Don’t see yourself yet? Well, say hello to “The Impatient Parent.” We don’t have time for on-site pony tails, sporadic PTA meetings that block the carpool lanes or missing shoes. We will grunt and moan and groan until you move.

Dude Dad

Oh hey! Last but certainly not least, “The PTA Mom.” She is on a mission and she will get you to help, even if she has to hunt you down and slap her clipboard to get you to do it! Even though they can come across a little annoying, PTA Moms make the world go round!

So admit it, which one are you?


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