If you reside anywhere on the germaphobe spectrum, staying in a hotel can be anxiety-inducing. The thought of so many people staying there before you, doing who-knows-what? Immediate ick. But thanks to a former hotel manager, we now know what to look for to make sure a hotel room has actually been cleaned, plus which amenities you should just never use, no matter what.

Melly, who goes by @melly_creations on TikTok, is a former hotel manager and current travel blogger, and seriously, bless her for sharing her expertise with us. In a couple of viral videos, she shared three things she never uses in hotel rooms, and after hearing her explanations, you probably won’t either.


Replying to @sodickstracted As a former hotel manager here are additional items I won’t use. #hotels #hotelstay #dontuse #advice

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The first is Keurig coffee makers. While they may seem like a convenient way to get the caffeine you need while starting your day in a hotel room, Melly says she won’t use them.

“On top of the fact that I’ve seen things other than water being brewed, even though a housekeeper may rinse it out or wash the outside, that tube right there never gets cleaned,” she explained, opening the top of the Keurig to show the tube that draws water from the well into the brewer.

That’s not all, though. The second thing Melly said she’ll never use in a hotel? Refillable bottles of shampoo and other complimentary toiletries.

“People can put anything in it,” she explains. “I’ve seen Nair and God knows what else in there.”

The exception, she explains, are bottles with a locking top that prevent anyone but hotel staff from stocking them. For obvious reasons.

The last thing comes from another video, where Melly says any sort of decorative throw or duvet on the bed goes on the floor immediately. You can probably guess why: they don’t get washed in between all guests. Ew.


What I do when staying at a hotel. Even though star hotels. they are sometimes the worst with cleanliness. #hotels #travel #traveling

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In that video, Melly also offers some tips on how to make sure your room is really clean, like checking the air conditioner filter. Oh, and how to check your hotel bed for bed bugs. If you’re not checking your hotel bed for bed bugs, you’re asking for a bad time. Ask me how I know 🥴

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