From Chefs to CEOs: Cool Dads Who Totally Rock

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Dads are our superheroes in many ways. They bandage scraped knees, build the coolest forts, and play dress-up with our kids while we wrap up that late evening conference call. To honor all of the amazing men out there who do it all — both at work and at home — we’ve compiled a group of dads who are all downright cool. From dads you might recognize from television to fathers who own some of our favorite local businesses, these dudes successfully balance family, work, and life. Kudos to them, and all of the cool dads out there!


The southern dads we met sure are cool. From a celeb chef to an owner of a fave play space, we came to discover quite quickly that Atlanta dads totally rock. Check out our Editor’s picks for dads who keep it cool in Hotlanta. 

Richard Blais


Cool dads abound in Chicago. While the professions of each dad we met range from a real estate broker to an improv actor, the one thing each pop has in common is an unwavering love for and loyalty to his family. Meet 10 of Chicago’s cool dads by clicking here.  

Melvin Kim

Los Angeles

Sure, LA features tons of glam A-listers, but beyond the Hollywood stars, the city boasts some of the coolest and downright friendliest fathers around. Meet our favorite cool dads who reside in the City of Angeles by clicking here. 

Daniel Chang

New York

Dads in New York not only have to keep up with their kids, but they also have to keep pace with the frenetic city itself. We spoke to some cool dads who call this bustling metropolis home. Meet them by clicking here. 

Mitch Chaitin


It’s reigning cool dads in Portland. From an acclaimed chef to a singer/songwriter to an owner of a fave dance studio, Portland is rife with dads who make this city cool. Learn about these cool dads by clicking here. 

Gabriel Rucker


As if we needed another reason to love Seattle. The Emerald City features a bevy of really cool dads. From a rock star turned kindie rock star to a work-at-home dad, Seattle is overflowing with great dads. Meet them here. 

Tom Douglas

San Francisco

The Bay Area is chock full of innovators and creators, many of whom are cool dads that make balancing life, work, and love look easy. From the co-founder of Pinterest to the dad behind Play Cafe, the Bay is brimming with awesome dads. Click here to find out who we love and why we think they’re cool. 

Neil Grimmer


While you may envision dads in SoCal lounging on the beach, life in sunny Southern California is actually the opposite with dads working day and night to carve out a successful work/life balance, all while meeting the demands of their energetic kids. Meet some of our favorite SoCal dads by clicking here. 

Michael Cusi

We know the world is full of cool dads. Let us know who you think we should add to our lists!


From Bloggers to CEO’s: Power Moms Who Totally Rock