Turn Left: 12 Memes for Lefties So True They’re Funny

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Spiral notebooks, scissors, keyboards. Just a few of the “tools” you’ve mastered twice as good as any right-hander. Being a lefty is something to be proud of: did you know that according to MENSA 20% of all geniuses are left-handed? So for International Left-Handed Day, celebrate the southpaws in your life, and enjoy these hilarious memes.

1. Stupid scissors. 

2. Because being left-handed is totally right. left handed meme

3. Funny, but true. 

4. No one believes you.lefties meme left handed meme

5. Your parents kept putting your pencil/spoon/baseball bat in your other hand. left handed meme kid

6. Because you rejoiced when you discovered stores like this really do exist. leftorium

7. If you had a nickel…Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 6.01.37 PM

8. I can wave with my left hand, too! 

9. ‘Nuf said. 

bear10. Sigh. 

11. Because you still have to “special order” what you need at the office. 

12. Awww, yeah! keep-left-slide

Are you a lefty or a parent of a lefty? What’s the silliest thing anyone has said to you?

—Jacqui Boland & Amber Guetebier

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