Yes, Pets Definitely Make Life Better, According to New Study

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Parenting a pet is a lot of work, but new data shows that furry friends make life better. A survey of over 2,000 U.S. pet parents revealed that four-legged companions are calming, improve moods and “nourish the soul.”

A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Fuzzy—The Pet Parent Company, found that pets are significantly improving their parents’ lives. Seventy-nine percent of pet owners said they wouldn’t be as happy as they are now without their pet, 76 percent said that having a pet nourishes their soul and a whopping 82 percent said having a pet in the house provides a sense of calmness throughout the home.


Just like parents of human children, pet moms and dads have their fair share of concerns. Almost half (44 percent) worried about becoming parents for the first time and over half (54 percent) didn’t expect to spend so much money on their canine or feline companion.

“Pet parents are often surprised by the unexpected costs and time required to be a good pet parent. From medical bills to toys for playtime it’s a full-time responsibility. Having a pet by your side, however, is worth the cost” says Dr. Cherice Roth, Chief Veterinary Officer for Fuzzy.

Survey respondents certainly seem to agree that it’s worth the cost. And even as the pandemic brought many unwelcome changes to the world, 69 percent said they used the time to bond with their pet more than ever before. Turns out your fur baby might be even more essential than you think!

—Sarah Shebek

Video courtesy of Fuzzy and OnePoll/Feature photo: Annenberg PetSpace



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