Gift Ideas for New Moms

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New moms are often overwhelmed and may not be sure what friends and family can do to help once the baby arrives. Instead of greeting the new baby with yet another onesie or swaddling blanket, give a mom something she really needs. We have tons of suggestions for you! Read on to find gifts that help save a new mom’s sanity and will surprise her with your thoughtfulness.

Celebrate Her New Status

Becoming a new Mom is a huge shift in identity, so give her something that celebrates this new role.

A necklace with her baby's initial, like these affordable necklaces from Meghan Bo Designs (above), are a great choice. This is an especially thoughtful gift for a new mom nervous about returning to work, since she can have a small reminder of her baby with her all day long. If necklaces aren't her thing, try initial earrings or a bracelet instead! 

A small but thoughtful gift is Supermom socks from Lavley. These are perfect for new moms spending time pattering around the house in their comfiest clothes and moms who need a reminder of how well they are doing.

Since new moms need to drink a lot of water, a custom Well Told water bottle displaying the night sky on the night her baby was born will help her take care of herself while giving her a special memento she can take with her anywhere. 

To be a great mom, it's essential that she take some time for herself (however hard that may seem). For the mom who may only be able to take a few minutes a day,  The Mindfulness Journal for Busy Moms by Anne Marie O'Connor is the perfect gift to help center her in less than 5 minutes a day. 

Share Your Favorite Find

New moms often wonder if there is a better way to do things, so help her discover something fabulous she may not have come across on her own. Whether it's something you tried and loved or an ingenious new creation, the new mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Look for something that is as much for her as it is for the baby. A great choice is a nursing cardigan from Nesting Days. This lightweight cardigan looks like a typical sweater but has extra-long sides that not only drape to flatter any body type but also serve as a nursing cover or an easy way to provide an extra layer while holding a baby. 

Or, give her an all-purpose bag that doesn't look like a baby bag so she can go seamlessly from the office to a playdate. The Everyday Tote from Peak Design is a unicorn bag that can pass as a stylish bag but has several sections to keep baby and mom gear organized, including a stretchy weather-resistant internal pocket. Plus, padded shoulder straps make this bag easier to carry than most traditional diaper bags.

Many new moms put a lot of thought into getting a big diaper bag, but after a few months they realize they need something smaller for quick trips or walks around the neighborhood. The answer is an original mini Hi, Aria diaper bag (above) that holds only the essentials and fits right in with the mini backpack trend.

Give a Better Place to Bond with Baby

Having a baby means fewer nights out and more nights at home. Upgrade her nights and make her yard a magnet for friends and family by chipping in to get her a Breeo smokeless fire pit (above), which can be customized to fit her her yard and decor. This makes an especially thoughtful gift for fall and winter babies to help the new parents get out of the house even if they are not venturing far. 

Brunch can also be challenging with a baby. Make it easy for the new parents to enjoy a restaurant-quality brunch at home anytime with a Maple Craft Foods pancake and waffle meal kit, which comes with mixes, gourmet syrups and coffee. There is enough to feed the parents a least a couple of meals or to help entertain friends who come to see the new baby. 

Denied No More

Pregnancy comes along with a long list of things to avoid, from wine to sushi to soft cheese. Some moms add things they loved before conceiving, like coffee and sweets, to the list.

Indulge a new mom in everything she has missed the past nine months. Get her a gift box from Don Pablo coffee for when she needs a caffeine boost after a sleepless night with a newborn. For the mom who loves coffee but is cautious about having hot beverages around a newborn, make her day by getting her an Espro Cold Brew so she can get her daily caffeine fix worry-free.

Or, maybe she would prefer a box of homemade caramels from Southern Caramel (above) that are perfect for indulging her sweet tooth while nursing or holding a newborn.

If cheese is more her speed, give her a gift box from Wisconsin Cheese. Each of these also ensures that the new parents will have snacks to share when guests come by to see the new baby even if they haven't had time to shop.

Sending the new mom a bottle of wine or a sushi platter will also be a good reminder of what she missed during the long months of pregnancy. 

Pamper Her

A new mom's body has been through a lot, and moms need a little TLC to feel like themselves again. Give her a gift certificate for a pedicure or massage. Better yet, plan a girls' afternoon and go with her! Or, give her everything she needs to pamper herself at home. A Nature by Canus Discovery Gift Set (above) contains luxuries a new nom will appreciate after a sleepless night or anytime she steals a few free moments for herself. This set contains a foaming milk bath, pure vegetal-base soap, lotion and body wash made with soothing goat milk.

Or, get her a giftset from Sallye Ander. Any new mom will appreciate the included Nourish Under Eye Treatment and face masks to help her cover up just how tired she actually is. Mom will also get a relaxing bar of lavender soap and a sea sponge loofah to help her make the most of the time she gets to linger in the shower. 

Constantly changing diapers, feeding and cleaning means a lot of hand washing. Dionis product are all made with nourishing goat milk, which moisturizes deeply without harming baby's skin. Chose from hand lotion, body lotion, foot care or a gift box to help her recover and adjust to new motherhood with a little bit of luxury. 

Meals Galore

The irony of being ravenous after giving birth but not having any time to cook is not lost on new moms. Make the new family's life a little easier by delivering a meal. Even better, set up a meal train so friends and family can volunteer to drop off meals during the first weeks home with a newborn. Meals should not require preparation other than reheating but don't need to be elaborate. For this gift, it really is the thought that counts! Your meal doesn't need to be homemade, and delivery is fine! 

Help for Hire

Life can seem manageable with a newborn...then all of a sudden, it's not. Maybe it's a change in nap schedule, returning to work or a lack of sleep that becomes unbearable or a toddler's resentment at no longer being the center of attention. Make sure mom is prepared with a gift certificate for a complete house cleaning, a few hours of babysitting or a laundry service. When she cashes in her gift, she will be thinking about much she appreciates that you thought of something so useful. 

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Helping Hands

Sometimes all a new mom wants is to drink a cup of coffee while it's still hot or take a shower that lasts more than two minutes. Help her out by offering to hold the baby while she leisurely enjoys a hot beverage, deep conditions her hair or takes a 20-minute power nap. This may be the gift she remembers the most!

—Jamie Davis Smith

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