Gift Guide: Gifts for Dad

We’re here to celebrate the Big Guy himself. No, we’re not talking about Santa! We’re making his holiday merry with these gifts for dad

Whether he’s helping to put together new toys, busy in the kitchen playing host to the whole family, or making sure all the wrapping paper gets picked up, dad rocks our world. They work super hard and consider their “down time” to be mowing the lawn (front and back!), detailing the car… They’re our rock and we know we can always go to them no matter what. Biological or not, these father figures keep our worlds spinning—but they’re also notoriously difficult to buy for. Finding gifts for dad is no small feat.

We made sure to put together a fabulous fatherly collection of worthy-for-our-hero gifts that go beyond the usual necktie or socks (not that there’s anything wrong with those!). From the grillmaster to the nostalgic, we’ve got every type of daddy-o covered. He really is the best, so make sure he knows it with these gifts for dad below.


Any dad would adore a personalized book of their favorite people (that's you). Using Mixbooks' intuitively designed editing tool and huge library of templates, you can create a gift he'll cherish forever!

Mixbook Punny Illustrated Dad Storybook ($45.36+)—Buy Now

Paint Your Life

We can almost guarantee dad will get at least a little misty-eyed when you present him with a professionally painted portrait from Paint Your Life. Select the painting technique you'd like used (oil, charcoal, watercolor, and more!), choose an artist from Paint Your Life's team of talent, and upload the photo you’d like used. You can even upload multiple photos to be combined into one portrait! 

Use code TINYBEANS30 for 30% off your order!

Paint Your Life (Starting at $150.00)—Buy Now

Marlow—The Pillow

One of the worst ways to wake up is to a sweaty, hot pillow. Save dad the trouble with Marlow's The Pillow, a cooling-infused memory foam pillow that provides the perfect blend of comfort and support. There's literally NASA technology in this pillow. Sleep well, dad!

Marlow—The Pillow (Starting at $39.00)—Buy Now

Green Chef

A box from Green Chef meal delivery service sits beside three brown paper bags and fruits and vegetables

Dad doesn't always take care of himself, so give him a little nudge. Green Chef is all about fresh, sustainable ingredients, right down to their eco-friendly packaging! Many of the ingredients, from chopped veggies to homemade sauces, have been prepped for you, so you can save time while still getting the flavor of freshly-made dishes. Each recipe card and kit bag are color-coded so you can easily find what you need fast. All of their packaging is made from recycled, reusable, and/or compostable materials!

Green Chef (Starting at $50)—Buy Now

Alligator Green Quilted Jacket

This baby is do-it-all (just like dad!). From walking the dog to the office, this jacket layers beautifully and feels amazing.

Alligator Green Quilted Jacket ($180.00)—Buy Now

Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set

Dad will love having the ability to cold-smoke meat, fish, cheese, veggies, desserts, beverages, and craft cocktails. The infusion smoker works with the included wood chip set, as well as a variety of chips, teas, spices, dried flowers, and herbs!

Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set ($64.95)—Buy Now

BergHOFF Tabletop BBQ

Picnics, tailgates, and al fresco dinners have gotten an upgrade with the BergHOFF Tabletop BBQ! It's a 2016 Red Dot Design winner, so you know that it's backed by pros.

BergHOFF Tabletop BBQ ($299.95)—Buy Now

Viking Professional Steak Knives, Set of 6

If dad is going to take the time to grill his favorite cuts, he needs something special to slice them with! The Viking Professional Steak Knives set is forged in Germany and features superior high-alloy stainless steel blades, an integrated tang for additional stability and balance (safety first, folks!), a gapless bond on the handle to prevent moisture or food from sticking, and has a Rockwell Hardness rating of 55-56. These are seriously sharp knives that he'll love breaking out as often as possible!

Viking Professional Steak Knives ($250.00, On Sale $89.99)—Buy Now

Brooklinen Striped Lambswool Throw Blanket

We already rely on Brooklinen for all things linen, so we're absolutely smitten with this 100% lambswool throw blanket. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, it's an awesome addition to dad's chair, movie night, and more! Such an investment that he'll love for years.

Brooklinen Striped Lambswool Throw Blanket ($159.20)—Buy Now

Brooklinen Men's Henry Pajama Set

The tailored silhouette of these PJ's make them casual wear-ready and ultra-soft Brooklinen cotton make them bedtime-ready comfortable.

Brooklinen Men's Henry Pajama Set ($158.40)—Buy Now

Message For Dad Engraved Money Clip

Personalize this sharp money clip with three lines of text and remind him every time he reaches for it how much you love him.

Message For Dad Engraved Money Clip ($29.99)—Buy Now

DAD Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks

Any 3 pictures can be added to this set of three "DAD" photo blocks, making for a unique and nostalgic gift!

DAD Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks ($32.99)—Buy Now

"My Favorite" T-Shirt

Remind him how much he loved you—ahem, how much you love him—with this soft tee. Also available with "My Favorite Son" text.

"My Favorite" T-Shirt ($13.99+)—Buy Now

Valet Tray For Dad

Rustic leatherette-made valet helps keep all of dad's stuff in one place and reminds him how happy you (or your kiddo!) are that he's home!

Valet Tray For Dad ($18.99+)—Buy Now

Personalized Grill Set

Grillmaster dads everywhere will go wild for this 18-piece grill set with storage case!

Personalized Grill Set ($63.74)—Buy Now

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Whether he enjoys sipping on his favorite whiskey or has an empty space in his office that needs filling, this decanter set creates a really stunning display!

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set ($55.79+)—Buy Now

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