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Here’s your reminder that you’re just as important as anyone else on your list. Consider these gifts for yourself our present to you!

We absolutely adore the holidays, and we know it’s also possible that it’s not your favorite. Either way, this is the time to really lean into that buzzy “self-care” thing and treat yourself! We know, we know. It feels counterintuitive to shop for gifts for yourself, especially during a time when we’re so focused on others. But being focused on others is exactly why we want to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself, too. Because as great as the holidays are, sometimes they include their fair share of stress.

These are some of our favorite gifts for yourself: goodies that help you live better, have more fun, feel better, and more. There’s something for everyone, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find something that you’ll love. Maybe two somethings. We absolutely won’t judge. You totally deserve to feel as good as you make your loved ones feel. Check out our list of our faves and find yourself a little treat!

The Marlow Sleep System

Forget too-soft pillows and waking up super hot! The Marlow Sleep System includes the adjustable pillow and cooling pillowcase. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

The Marlow Sleep System (Starting at $53.40+)—Buy Now

Mama + Baby Bundle

Mamas, your moment of zen has arrived! The Mama + Baby bundle from Solly Baby includes a luxe robe from Plain Jane, a Solly Baby Swaddle, Mama Calm bath soak from HATCH, poem by Carol Lynn Pearson, and keepsake box.

Mama + Baby Bundle ($159.00)—Buy Now

Steve Madden Saide Jacket

Warm, chic, and extra soft, this sherpa jacket comes to mid-calf and can be snagged in either this Pristine Ivory or Mocha Bisque!

Steve Madden Saide Jacket ($84.30)—Buy Now


Regardless of whether or not you’re going through an extremely difficult situation, or could use someone just to lend an ear, Talkspace is the online therapy resource that we swear by. We’ll never stop talking about the convenience, professional matching abilities, and budget-friendliness of this service that creates a space for us to focus on our mental health. And that makes us better for ourselves and everyone in our lives! This is the absolute perfect gift to give yourself.

Talkspace—Learn More Here

Hunter Tall Gloss Rain Boots

Upgrade your galosh game with these glossy Hunter boots, available in several colors (though we’re partial to the festive Military Red!).

Hunter Tall Gloss Rain Boots ($174.95)—Buy Now


Ever wondered how celebs do it all? They have help. And you know what? They aren’t the only ones who deserve to get it. Yohana is the first ever concierge service that matches families with a team of specialists to manage their wildly busy lives.The service has been proven to save some families up to 10 hours per week they’d otherwise spend tackling their to-do list. Members are matched with a Guide who helps manage their family’s goals, and a whole team of specialists who manage everything from household tasks (finding a housekeeper, scheduling forgettable renewals, researching alternative internet providers), to family to-dos (planning a birthday party, coordinating appointments, scheduling snacks for soccer practice) and experiences (find a place to donate old baby gear, plan a family weekend getaway, volunteer as a family). It’s all managed via the app on your phone or desktop. This is the ultimate gift!

Yohana—Get Started Here

Starry Eyes Mask

Relax tired eyes with this set of 5 self-heating masks from CVS! They heat up in 30 seconds and help soothe over-worked peepers.

Starry Eyes Mask ($19.99)—CVS $100s off gifts under $20! Extra Offer 20% off CVS Pickup Orders with Code: PICKUP20

Pure Culture Custom Facial Cleanser, Serum, & Moisturizer + Skin Test

Make sure you’re using the best possible ingredients for your skin. Pure Culture’s skincare starts with a skin test; test your skin at home (you don’t have to mail anything back), and Pure Culture analyzes it and customizes a formula for your specific skin type!

Pure Culture Custom Facial Cleanser, Serum, & Moisturizer + Skin Test ($59.99)—CVS $100s off gifts under $20! Extra Offer 20% off CVS Pickup Orders with Code: PICKUP20

Airomé Serenity Essential Oil Diffuser

Set the atmosphere with this metallic-detailed essential oil diffuser!

Airomé Serenity Essential Oil Diffuser ($40.99)—Buy Now Wellness Coloring Book, Brighten Up

This is great for all ages! A positive vibes-only coloring book by a dozen artists and 84 perforated pages. Wellness Coloring Book, Brighten Up ($13.46)—Buy Now

PROfit Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

When we say this is legit, we mean it. With multiple attachments and a carrying case, this massager is the next best thing to a 90 minute massage at the spa!

PROfit Handheld Percussion Massage Gun ($29.99)—Buy Now

Willow Pump

Nursing mamas, rejoice and treat yourselves! Willow Pumps are wearable pumps prevent you from being chained—er, plugged into your pump. Leak-free pumping, even while you’re moving around (because you can move around wearing them!), track your production and control your pump via the app, and only wash two parts!

15% Off with Code tinybeans15—Through 12/31/22

Willow 3.0 Pump & Container Bundle ($429.00)—Buy Now

Anxiety Relief Breathing Necklace

Inhale through your nose and exhale through the necklace mouthpiece, helping you breathe out more softly and slowly. It encourages the body to regulate your nervous system and while it’s not a “cure”, it’s a really nice tool and reminder to breathe through your reaction to stress. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold finishes!

Anxiety Relief Breathing Necklace ($21.65)—Buy Now

Mental Health Journal

Mental health can be cute, right? It totally can, and it definitely doesn’t have to be scary. This journal is a great option for quotes, thoughts, and therapy notes (or whatever you want to use it for!).

Mental Health Journal ($18.00+)—Buy Now

Morse Code Bracelet

We love the idea of a Morse Code bracelet, making it a really personal message or reminder for yourself (or a loved one, of course!). Create a custom design or select from the options; you’ll receive such a pretty piece designed to wear all the time, even through bathing!

Morse Code Bracelet ($22.50)—Buy Now

If you buy something from the links in this article, we may earn affiliate commission or compensation. Prices and availability reflect the time of publication.

All images courtesy of retailers.


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