6 Glow-in-the-Dark Science Experiments to Try Tonight

Calling all mad— we mean mom—scientists (and daring dads, too)! Try these six glow-in-the-dark science experiments for kids after the sun goes down: we promise they will light up your night. Click through the slideshow to get the details.

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Photo: My Crazy Blessed Life

Glowing Sidewalk Chalk

If you're really looking for some nighttime fun, you can't go wrong with this glowing sidewalk chalk. and then have them look out their windows before bedtime. This is a geat one for National Night Out in August. Johanna at My Crazy Blessed Life inspired us to make our own glow-in-the-dark chalk, and we followed her recommendation to soak the chalk for two days before kicking up the fun factor with a black light.

The Science Lesson: Absorption and Properties of Salt
Chalk is a salt, and salts are all distinguished by their property to absorb water. So when you let a stick of chalk soak in glowing water overnight, it will not only absorb water, but also the phosphorescent properties of the glowing agent in the water.

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—Shelley Massey



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