Gnome Sweet Gnome: 15 Activities to Access Your Inner Gnome

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Whether you think they’re cool or creepy, today’s the day to embrace those tiny bearded men and go big or go gnome. Don’t know how? Scroll down to try one of these 15 fun and silly activities to get you in the gnome state of mind.

photo: Melissa Heckscher

1.  Make gnome rocks for your garden. Or, hide these little beauties around your neighborhood to become a part of this awesome Random Act of Kindness craze.  

2.  Eat ‘shrooms. Not the poisonous, red polka-dotty ones. The kind you can put in this stuffed mushroom grilled cheese sandwich.  

3. Wear a red pointy hat and snap your photo in locations around your town.

4. Learn to sing “The Gnome Mobile” song while driving in the car.

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5.  Make these adorable stick gnomes to keep your plants company.

6. Build a gnome home in your own backyard, like #3 here.

7. Stage your own “Roaming Gnome.” If you don’t have a gnome just used a stuffed animal.


8. Party like a gnome! Throw a gnome-themed birthday party that has everything from red hat party games to a gnomified dessert table. 

9. Get the popcorn popping and watch this Shakespeare-inspired gnome flick with your kids. 

10. Traveling to the Midwest? Make a stop to visit Elwood, the world’s tallest concrete gnome in Iames, Iowa. If you’re visiting New York state this summer, don’t miss the world’s (second) largest garden gnome, Gnome Chomsky.

11. Create the world’s cutest garden gnomes out of TP rolls.


12.You’re gnome-body without a proper red hat. Learn how to make (a no-sew!) one here.

13. Make a cotton ball beard to go with your hat.

14. Make some yummy no-bake gnome hat desserts (Shhh: They’re actually Santa hats, but we think they work just as well for gnomes).

15. Do a Google image search of “Babies dressed as gnomes” and feel your cuteness counter explode.

Gnomes: Cute or creepy? Tell us below.

—Amber Guetebier and Melissa Heckscher