When you think back to classic tales of your own childhood, we’d venture to guess that Goldilocks and Three Bears makes the list. Golden-haired and with her signature bow, Goldi was full of curiosity and mischievousness, always eager for new adventure and of course getting herself into trouble along the way. 

But what if Goldi’s story with those three memorable bears actually started before our original book began? From award-winning Cow Boy Is Not a Cowboy author Gregory Barrington comes a twist on a fairytale in need of a serious retelling – Goldilocks and the Three Knocks

In this humorous new spin on the classic tale, Goldi meets a boisterous family of bears when they visit her home. It’s about time we get to learn, with our own kiddos, what really happened in the days before Goldi’s grand adventure that we all know so well. This time however, in her own words.

Written and illustrated by Gregory Barrington, Goldilocks and the Three Knocks remixes the fairytale of our youth into a fun family read.

The Story

Once upon a time, Goldilocks sat peacefully until she heard…one knock!…two knocks!…three knocks! at her door. That’s the day she met the Three Bears…pie in hand.  Goldi, full of personality, was new to the forest and gladly welcomes in the friendly neighbors, along with their sweet treat. No time passes before Goldi’s chair accidentally gets broken and the bears decide to hibernate as she runs off for tools to fix it. 

Once the bears wake up, they invite Goldilocks to visit them at home sometime soon, the beginning of the end we know so well. 

Full of twists you never saw coming, you and your littles ones will be laughing out loud at this hilarious spin on the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale.

Goldilocks and the Three Knocks is a fun and engaging read for the classroom and at home!

Enjoy the retelling of a classic, with your family.

About the Author

Gregory Barrington lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with his just-right family and four dogs that have noses that are too cold and breath that is too hot. While he has seen bears outside his front door, he has never let them into his house. Gregory’s first book, Cow Boy Is NOT a Cowboy, was the winner of the thirtieth annual Colorado Book Award and received a starred review from School Library Journal.

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