Pop-Tarts Are Now in the Freezer Section, Courtesy of Good Humor

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It’s no big secret that Pop-Tarts are more of a dessert than a breakfast pick. Now the pasty pouches are officially moving to the dessert aisle—and pairing up with ice cream icon Good Humor!

Pop-Tarts Brown Sugar Cinnamon ice cream bars are modeled after the classic Chocolate Eclair and Strawberry Shortcake on-a-stick treats. With a delish chilly center and a crunchy coating, these bars have everything you already love about Good Humor desserts.

So what can you expect from these frozen treats? According to the Good Humor website’s description, “Bringing together the magic of two magical brands, Pop-Tarts and Good Humor, this is a classic ice cream on a stick dessert that you can enjoy without guilt, and share with your kids and grand kids knowing it’s the real thing, from a name you can trust.”

While you can’t find the six-packs of this dairy delight in the breakfast aisle, you can nab a box in your grocer’s freezer section. Visit Good Humor’s website here to find a retailer near you.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Snack Betch via Instagram 



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