Your friend is expecting for the second (or third or fourth) time. What do you get the mom-to-be who already has all the baby basics? Read on to find some great gifts even the most experienced expectant mom will appreciate.

1. Gift Certificate for Babysitting
More kids means Mom will soon have even less time for herself than she had before. Give her a gift she will think is priceless: a few hours to herself. Prepay a sitter you know she has used before or one you know and trust. Encourage the mom-to-be not to wait to use the sitter and to use the time to treat herself, or just to take a nap, shower by herself, answer emails or decompress without having to worry about anyone else’s needs for an hour or two.   

photo: Joolz

2. Upgraded Stroller
Chances are the mom-to-be already has just about everything she needs, but she may not have everything she wants. A baby sprinkle is the perfect time to pamper her with an upgrade in gear. Although these may come with a big price tag, guests can chip in to buy a group gift she’ll love, like a new strolle. For the mama who needs a double stroller, you can’t go wrong with the easy-to-push Britax B-Lively Double Stroller ($429.99), which has all the bells and whistles like extra storage, independently reclining seats and a quick fold that makes it easy to take this stroller on the go. Moms who need a single stroller will adore one of the best luxury strollers on the market. The Joolz Hub ($699) pushes easily even over uneven sidewalks, can be maneuvered with one hand, has six different positions for baby’s comfort, and sports an extra-large canopy. It can accommodate kids up to 50 pounds so it will last through the preschool years. Plus, its head-turning looks will make mom happy every time she goes for a stroll.

photo: Paperclip

3. A Dream Diaper Bag
A diaper bag may be a parent’s most used accessory. It goes everywhere the baby goes, from the car to the mall and trips to Grandma’s house. That means every mom should have the diaper bag she deserves. The Paperclip Willow ($199) has a built-in changing station for moms obsessed with cleanliness, pockets galore, and it looks more like a cute backpack than a diaper bag. This is a great splurge for a baby sprinkle group gift. As a bonus, it’s made from recycled material so mom can rest easy knowing she being eco-conscious. Check out more of our favorite diaper bags.


photo: Uber Appliance

4. Time-Saving Gadget She Didn’t Know She Needed
Find something clever that will make mom’s life a lot easier, like the Uber Mini Fridge ($66.04). This fridge is even smaller than the one she had in her dorm room, but it’s the perfect size for everything from storing pumped milk to keeping some cold water (or something more grown-up) in the nursery. This mini fridge can even be used in the car with the included car charger, making it an ideal choice for working moms who pump at the office. Or, she might not realize she needs the magic of an infrared thermometer, like this one from TruMed ($69.99) that will take her children’s temperature in no time flat without the need to hold a thermometer under baby’s arm or place it somewhere even less pleasant.

For something practical that will save her time well through the toddler years, treat her to a 3-in-1 Sterilizer and Dryer by Coral UV ($143.99). With just a touch of a button, this box provides the magic of sterilizing everything from bottles and grimy cell phones to toys that toddlers drop on the ground in 10 minutes flat. Any busy mom will appreciate being able to ditch bleach wipes and boiling water for the ease of dropping just about anything into a child-safe box.

photo: Rock a Box Baby

5. A Personalized Gift
Once the proud parents are on to baby number two or more, the new bundle of joy is bound to get a lot of hand-me-downs. Make sure the new little one has something of their own with a baby box from Rock A Box Baby that can be personalized with a name or monogram. These boxes start at $25, but thanks to the quality of the box and the items inside,it looks much more expensive.

6. A Baby Carrier
A baby carrier may not actually give moms an extra pair of hands, but the right one can feel like it. The Cybex Yema baby carrier ($199.95) is not only stylish, it can be used for newborns through toddler age. It can also be worn on the front, back or side. This carrier is a mix of a structured carrier and wrap that is easy to use. The front has a unique design that is softer in the middle and firmer on the sides, giving baby a snug, secure place to nap and observe the world.

photo: Simply Organic Bamboo

7. Soft Throw Blanket
Chances are that Mom got plenty of baby blankets at her baby shower, but her baby sprinkle is the perfect time to give her a blanket that is big enough for and her babies to snuggle under together. A Simply Organic Bamboo Throw Blanket ($79) is ultra-soft, so it’s gentle enough for baby’s skin but big enough to keep Mom cozy too. Plus, it comes beautifully packaged and tied with a ribbon, so it’s ready to give right out of the box.

photo: Countdown to Mama

8. A Collection of Handy Gifts
This advent calendar-style box for expectant moms keeps on giving after the party is over. Every day for 14 days, the mom-to-be opens one of the drawers in the Countdown to Mama ($185) gift chest to reveal something special for her or the baby. Gifts include a water bottle, rose gold necklace, a nursing cover, washable nursing pads, milestone stickers, lotions and a gender-neutral onesie with matching headband for Mom. The gift trunk comes wrapped in a pretty, reusable bag. This makes a great group gift that is actually fourteen gifts in one.

9. Mommy & Me Pajamas
A Mom & Me Snuggle Trunk from Elephant Organics ($100-$125) is a great gift for the mom who wants something soft and new to wear in the hospital or for those first photos at home. These gift boxes come with matching outfits for Mom & baby, plus some other items of your choice. As a bonus, many styles also come in toddler sizes. That means you can add a pair of PJs so big sibling does not feel left out.

10. Spa Day
Growing a tiny human and carrying it around 24/7 is incredibleand exhausting. Moms-to-be often experience aches in muscles they didn’t even know they had. Make her a little more comfortable by treating her to a prenatal or postnatal massage. While pregnant, some moms also forego things they loved before getting pregnant, like dyeing their hair or getting a manicure. Go in with a group and treat her to a full day of pampering that she can look forward to after the baby is born.

photo: JaneCare

11. At-Home Care Kit
For the mom who can’t, or doesn’t want to, leave the house, you can bring the spa experience to her with a care kit. The PamperHer kit from JaneCare ($59.99) has everything Mom needs to get her through ta tough day with bath bombs, body butter, a stress-relief roll-on, and affirmation cards to remind her she is doing a great job.

12. Cleaning Service
No new mom has enough time to clean, yet the cleaning must get done. A gift that will leave her speechless is a phone number she can call to arrange for cleaning fairies to come to come to her house and leave it sparkling.

photo: Amazon

13. Kindle Paperwhite
New moms spend a lot of time holding the baby with one arm and unsure what to do with the other arm. The perfect solution is a Kindle Paperwhite that she can hold with one hand and read to her heart’s content. The Kindle Paperwhite is lighter than previous versions and can be read silently in complete darkness, so it’s perfect for not just for late nights with a baby but also with a toddler who absolutely needs Mom to help them fall asleep.

photo: Google

14. Google Nest Hub
The Google Nest Hub is a device that can do everything from play Netflix or lullabies to keep an eye on a sleeping baby or rambunctious older sibling. When all else fails, Mom can ask her Google Nest for ideas on what to make for dinner when she is eating for two or for secrets to getting the baby to sleep. Plus, it’s small enough to move from room to room. The Google Nest can also act as a babysitter for an older sibling who can just ask the device to tell a story or start a round of freeze-tag.

Newborn baby

photo: Tim Bish via Unsplash

15. A Night Nurse
No matter how many kids the new mom has already, sleep will undoubtedly remain elusive with a newborn. Give her the gift of one night of uninterrupted sleep with a postnatal night nurse and she will remember your kindness forever. She may decide to have a date night, but chances are greater she will relish in sleeping a solid eight to ten and wake up a new woman.

featured photo: Vidal Balielo via Pexels

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