When it comes to a clean, green, healthy lifestyle, who better than mom to set the standard? After all, she’s got pint-sized fans watching her every move. From holistic celebrity chefs to moms who fight for clean air, these 10 amazing women work hard, play hard, and are powerhouses when it comes to the eco-tastic life. Flip through the album below to meet our Green Living Power Moms of 2016.

Afya Ibomu – Co-Founder, RGB Fit Club, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Afya is the author of four successful books (two crocheting books,The Vegan Remix—named one of the best cookbooks of the year by Vegetarian Times Magazine, and The Vegan Soulfood Guide to the a Galaxy——nominated for an African American Literary Award). She’s a celebrity chef and recently, she and her her husband (Stic.man of hip-hop music group Dead Prez) founded RBGfitclub, a business that offers cool courses, merchandise, and music to encourage and equip people in their transition to a holistic lifestyle. Their strong partnership goes way beyond the professional realm; they’ve been together for 23 years and are the proud parents of two wonderful boys: teenager Itwela and 16-month-old Nkosua.

Afya lives and breathes a green, holistic lifestyle. She's been eating a plant-based diet since 1990, had two home-birth pregnancies and is a breastfeeding advocate. Afya continues to share her knowledge and expertise through cooking classes, workshops, being a mentor to teen girls and much more. She’s also a huge believer in scheduling self time. She says, “be ok with everything not getting done. As moms we try to do it all! But I had to realize if I really tried that I would kill myself-literally! Accept the help, it’s OK!”

Find out more: rbgfitclub.com

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—Gabby Cullen

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