DigiPen Academy Summer Programs

Photo by: DigiPen Academy

Through exploratory projects and carefully guided live online instruction, students enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills, improve their knowledge of core subjects like math and physics, and excite their interest in the academic concepts underlying modern technology. Students of DigiPen Academy gain more than a textbook understanding of their favorite subjects through differentiated learning — they put their knowledge into practice through creative projects in game design, art & animation, engineering, music & sound design, and programming. Students connect classroom concepts with real-world challenges and develop the values of life-long learning and academic excellence as they explore careers in a range of video game making industries. Our Summer Programs are 1 – 4 weeks long and all online this year!! Some of our offerings this year include: Junior Digital Game Studio, Junior Programming Fundamentals, 2D and 3D Game Development, Digital Drawing & Painting, Anatomy & Figure Drawing, Dungeon Master Skills and Techniques, Worldbuilding for Stories and Games, Level Design with Roblox, User Experience Design, Web Design, Robotics, Electronic Toys and Wearables, Music and Sound Design for Games and Animation and Electronic Dance Music Production & DJ Techniques. And that’s only half of the programs we offer! Join Us Today!

DigiPen Academy
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