Hi-Five Sports Camp for Boys & Girls

Photo by: www.hifivechi.com

Hi-Five Sports Camp Chicago 2020 is back for another amazing 6 straight weeks of camp from Monday, July 13th through Friday, August 21st. The camp day runs from approximately 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

For you, it’s about keeping your child active, healthy and happy. For them, it means no school, lots of fun and sports all summer long. And that’s exactly what we’re all about at Hi-Five Sports Camp Chicago offering a full menu of team sports designed for boys and girls from Pre-K (4 years old) to 9th grade. Hi-Five Sports Camp Chicago is about so much more than winning and losing – it is about teamwork, playing hard and playing fair. And it is about making new buddies and enjoying the camaraderie. A camp that is as encouraging as it is challenging. As safe as it is high-energy. And as instructional as it is fun

Just like our campers, we eat, sleep and breathe sports. Our staff is filled with professional coaches, high school and college athletes, as well as experienced physical education teachers who promote the fundamentals through personalized instruction and positive reinforcement – all this while always maintaining a sense of humor and fun!

Hi-Five Sports Chicago
2641 W Harrison St
Chicago, IL 60612
Email: chicago@hifivesports.com
Phone: 312-226-6555
Online: https://www.hifivesportsclubs.com/chicago_sports_camp_summer_camp/