KSS Immersion Schools

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KSS Immersion Schools – Give Your Child the Gift of Multilingualism

KSS Immersion Schools specialize in Spanish language immersion programs for preschoolers in the San Francisco Bay Area including Albany, Oakland, San Jose, and Walnut Creek. Children aged two – six (2-6) can enroll in these programs and improve their learning outcomes in a safe, social distancing-compliant setting.

Language immersion preschool offers lifelong benefits and proven to increase cognitive development and academic readiness. Plus, nurturing instructors not only facilitate children’s emotional and social development, they also provide them with a culturally rich perspective that translates to confidence at school and in life!

At KSS, students thrive under the caring instruction of experienced teachers from Spanish-speaking countries across the globe.  Our instructors rely on a combination of play-based and academically-focused methods to teach Math, Science, and Language Arts. Our curriculum is also designed to spark and maintain children’s interest in Spanish through creative activities such as dancing, singing, cooking, art projects, and games.

As student’s progress through their classes, they are well-prepared for kindergarten and empowered to be unique, confident individuals.  Give your child the gift of multilingualism by calling 877-442-2555 to apply or schedule a tour or visit our website at ksspreschool.com.

KSS Immersion Schools
Online: https://ksspreschool.com/