Happy Mom Tip #4: Organize

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Today’s Tip:  Clean out a drawer today.  (Perhaps that one that drives you crazy every time you open it?)

Organization can be grouped with personal cleanliness, a state with clear psychological benefits. We talk about washing away our sins, wiping the slate clean, and psychologists study the “Macbeth effect”:  Washing your hands seems to “scrub away mental turmoil,” according to University of Michigan psychologist Spike Lee.

Inside of sighing (or screaming) with frustration when once again, you can’t find the tape you think might be in that junk drawer, clean out the drawer.  If you don’t have time for that, make your bed today.  Giving ourselves a bit of order can give us more than a bit of happiness.

We’ve teamed up with  our friend Christine Carter,  to bring you 52 simple tips (one each Monday!) on bringing joy and happiness into your own Mommyhood. Get more happiness tips by taking the Raising Happiness class or by reading Christine’s blog.

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