Happy Mom Tip #5: Forgive Someone

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Today’s Tip: Forgive Someone

It’s true: you’ll be happier if you practice forgiveness.  Holding a grudge is not a happiness habit–resentment keeps negative emotions like anger and frustration front and center in our lives.  So when we forgive others, we do it to make ourselves feel better.  Today, zero in on someone that has been aggravating you lately and consciously try to practice forgiveness toward them. Take some deep breaths while you silently wish them well in your mind. Clear your mind so that it isn’t fertile ground for the negative emotions that come with holding a grudge.

We’ve teamed up with  our friend Christine Carter,  to bring you 52 simple tips (one each Monday!) on bringing joy and happiness into your own Mommyhood. Get more happiness tips by taking the Raising Happiness class or by reading Christine’s blog.

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