Happy Mom Tip #9: Share Your Good News

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This Week’s Tip: Share Your Good News

When you have good news, share it, because the sharing will make you even happier. This is Savoring 101: Positive emotions are amplified when we share them with others.

Telling someone about something positive that happened this week will also make you more likely to remember the happy event.

More benefits to not keeping quiet: sharing something positive that happened to you today will also make those around you happier.  Positive emotions like joy and excitement, like all emotions, are contagious.  So don’t hold back–go ahead and broadcast your great news!

We’ve teamed up with  our friend Christine Carter,  to bring you 52 simple tips (one each Monday!) on bringing joy and happiness into your own Mommyhood. Get more happiness tips by taking the Raising Happiness class or by reading Christine’s blog.

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