Have a Reluctant Reader? This Book Could Crack the Case!

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Buddy cop movies are always a blast! What’s not to love? Adventure, drama, laughs—an unlikely team ends up coming out on top and leaves us wanting more. We are loving this young-reader version of that archetype—and we all know the book is always better than the movie! Horace & Bunwinkle is a mystery-adventure series about Horace, an anxious Boston Terrier, and Bunwinkle, an exuberant potbellied pig, who team up to solve crimes in their barnyard and local neighborhood. If you have a reader ages 6-10, this exciting book could be the one to get them psyched about reading and a whole lot more confident, too.

Will Horace & Bunwinkle solve the case? You’ll have to start reading to find out!

The Case of the Rascally Racoon

Horace is flying high after solving the pet-tectives' first mystery. But Bunwinkle just hasn’t been herself—she’s scared all the time and is too embarrassed to tell anyone.

Before they can work on getting Bunwinkle’s confidence back, a new case lands in their laps—well, actually their trash cans—when Shoo the raccoon asks for help. The neighborhood humans think he’s behind a series of garbage upheavals and home break-ins—but he swears he’s innocent. Just because people call him a trash bandit doesn’t mean he is one.

To make matters worse, while the pet-tectives are trying to clear Shoo’s name, they learn that Eleanor is having money problems. She hopes to solve them by starting a community Farmer’s Market in the back field. The neighbors seem excited to help at first but then, one by one, they suddenly drop out. 

With time running out, can the pet-tectives solve the mysteries and save Shoo and the Homestead?

Read a sample chapter of Horace & Bunwinkle: The Case of the Rascally Racoon and add it to your collection today!


High Praise for This Dynamic Duo

“Gardner’s debut tale of mystery and (eventual) bucolic bliss brings to mind Joan Carris and Noah Z. Jones’ Bed & Biscuit series. Graduates of the Mercy Watson books will also feel right at home. Mottram’s occasional illustrations just add to the charm….This kicks off a series, and readers will be glad to know that this piggie and pooch will pair up again.”

   — Kirkus Reviews

"I know a thing or two about animals who investigate mysteries, and Horace and Bunwinkle have what it takes, doing so with pluck and charm. Kids will be delighted by the curiosity and caring natures of these adorable, adoptive, crime-solving siblings!"

   — John Patrick Green, New York Times-bestselling writer and artist of InvestiGators

“Horace and Bunwinkle are a delightful pair. Sweet and funny, their antics will keep young readers eagerly turning the page.”

   — Suzanne Selfors, bestselling author of Wedgie & Gizmo and The Imaginary Veterinary Series

You can grab a copy of the first Horace & Bunwinkle book here to see what all the buzz is about!

Horace & Bunwinkle: The Case of the Rascally Racoon is on sale now—get yours today!


—Jamie Aderski