Snack Well: 5 Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

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Summertime for many kids means the sweet sound of an ice cream truck and a quickly-melting chipwich.  But swapping out summertime treats for healthier alternatives can be easier than you think, especially with the tips below.  And the best part about these Smarter Summer Snacks? Pairing them with all natural, zero calorie Zevia. It’s the Smarter Soda alternative because it’s sweetened with the stevia leaf, which means no harmful side effects.

Summer camps, the beach, play dates, and family road trips. What’s not to love about summer vacation (besides all of the planning, of course)? Whether you’re hopping on an airplane or sticking close to home, fuel those adventures with healthy snacks that are no-frills, no hassle, and tasty to boot. Here are five simple snack ideas that are almost too good to be true.

Homemade Granola

Granola is a great option for families on-the-go. Throw a bunch in a bag for each member of your family and you've got one tasty snack that will appease even the pickiest of eaters. We love this no-frills recipe because you can adapt it to suit your taste buds. Whether you throw in more nuts, cut back on the dried fruit, or add mini chocolate chip morsels, we guarantee your snack time will be happy and healthy. Click here for the recipe. 

What’s your choice healthy snack for summer?
Written by: Erin Lem