Kit Kat’s New Apple Pie Candy Bars Are Hitting Shelves This Summer

Kit Kat Apple Pie
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There’s nothing like enjoying a slice of fresh baked apple pie à la mode at a summertime cookout. Kit Kat is now bringing us this baked treat in candy bar form. This summer you will be able to enjoy Kit Kat Apple Pie!

Kit Kat Apple Pie

Kit Kat’s iconic crisp wafers are covered in an apple pie flavored white creme bringing you the delicious taste of apple pie, veen when you are on the go.

Kit Kat Apple Pie will be available at retailers nationwide starting in July for a limited time. The 1.5 oz. standard size bar retails for $1.09. 

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Hershey’s


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