We’ve all been there: you’re stuck in a line somewhere and you realize that kiddo is overdue for lunch or dinner. You start to frantically search for something—anything—in your purse or bag to tide them over (a decent snack, for one). You watch as they go from the happy-go-lucky angel you adore to just pure, unadulterated hanger because food is just a millisecond too late for them. We see you, parents of hangry kids—and here are the memes to prove it.

Every parent makes this mistake once—and only once.

Guaranteed to happen not only when they're beyond hangry, but when you made them their favorite thing to eat for lunch, no less.

Stay strong, mama.

The table's not going to set itself, right?

It's inevitable, really.

There's never a gentle way to break the news, especially when they're already hangry.

Classic toddler logic.

Can you tag someone too young to have an IG account?


So much for going to bed early tonight... BRB, makin' the kid a sandwich at 9 p.m.

A sure sign that yes, it's time to stop what you're doing and feed them pronto.

Please just eat the flippin' raisins already.

A solid "A" for effort, Michelle. Not every kiddo can think this clearly when in the throes of hanger.

Look, sometimes *we* get a little hangry, too—and desperate times call for desperate measures.

In all fairness, it was never going to be the "right" spoon—not to your hangry kiddo, that is.

Or, what always happens at "insert your child's sport of choice here."

They literally had *multiple* opportunities to eat today.

It's all about those little victories—better take 'em where you can get 'em.

Yes, to winning with snacks like these.

—Keiko Zoll


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