Potty training, grooming, making your house safe—adding to your family is a big change whether you’re bringing home a fur baby or an actual baby. We’ve teamed up with Hill’s Pet to hear how five moms navigated adding a pet to their families:

See how Hill’s science-backed nutrition can give your best friend their best life.


When The Jamie Lynn Show brought her Goldendoodle pup home, she was overwhelmed with training and puppy nipping! Now the here pup is a bit older (and a bit more trained) she’s used the resources at HillsPet.com to help with obedience training.


Nashville Wife Styles added her second pup Ginger to her family nearly two years ago, and quickly learned that having two dogs around the house is a big change—particularly for her first dog. Fortunately, after a little bonding time, the two are now pals.

See how Hill’s science-backed nutrition can give your best friend their best life.


As a new pet parent, Texas Forever Farmhouse quickly learned about her cat’s quirks and how some cats are sneaky with games of hide-and-go-seek. After hours of searching their neighborhood for a lost kitten, they discovered Neville hiding in a crock pot in their pantry!

When Ann Marie Baliey brought her dog Geno home early on during quarantine, it took a while for her tiny humans to adapt to an energetic puppy! Now that the puppy nipping has subsided, they couldn’t be closer.


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The Gingy Pants got her dog Fin years ago and become a dog mom before she was a mom to humans. Between way too many toys and a lot of overpreparing, Fin helped her prep for being a mom to two little ones!

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