44 Life-Changing Hacks to Save Your Holiday Season


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The holidays are just around the corner! Soon you’ll be breaking out those Christmas decorations, writing letters to Santa, crafting sweet Christmas cookies and shopping ‘til you drop. To help you sleigh this season, we’ve gathered our favorite holiday tips and hacks for making unique decor, keeping your house clean, saving on gifts and even creative ways to use twinkle lights. Check out the full list below, and you can even check it twice!

Ana Lu and Ana Di

Crystal Vase Cookie Stamp

Whether you’re giving cookies to friends and teachers, or just making yummy treats for the fam, it’s always fun to make them a little fancy. Using the base of a crystal vase, it’s super easy to stamp out a unique cookie dough design everyone will love.

Randalyn Hill via Unsplash

Goldfish Container Gingerbread Support

Prevent a massive mess when your kiddos are constructing their awesome gingerbread houses by building the structure around a large goldfish container. The box is a perfect size, and the sturdy cardboard will make building these scrumptious houses a breeze.

Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Hang Ornaments from the Chandelier

Wreaths are cool, but if you want to bring wreath vibes into your dining room, try handing ornaments from your chandelier or classic dining room light fixture! Using ribbon, tie your favorite Christmas ornaments to the fixture at different heights to create a cool piece a decor you can enjoy all season long.

Nighthawk Shoots on Unsplash

Wrap Tinsel Around the Center of Your Tree

Getting your Christmas tree is always fun, but since they’re natural, they aren’t always perfect. Now they can be. Take green tinsel and wrap it around the center of the tree to give it an extra fluffy look.

Melted Snowman Water

Even water can be festive during the holiday season. Instead of those boring water bottle labels, use printables to create these amazing add-ons that are guaranteed to make you the hit of the classroom holiday party.

Amanda Evanston via Aunt Peaches

Decorated Cookie Boxes

Show off your fam’s holiday cookie recipe with these gorgeous cookie boxes. Give your friends, neighbors and teachers a yummy gift they’ll love. Find out how to create these beautiful boxes from our friend Aunt Peaches.

17 Apart

Twinkling Trees for Your Lawn

Decorating your lawn for the holidays can be expensive and a little complicated. But not anymore! With these helpful tips from Mary & Tim of 17 Apart, you can create your very own trees to give your lawn a little extra twinkle.

christmas-chalk-tape2 via Krazy Coupon Lady
The Krazy Coupon Lady

Create Your Own Festive Plates

Save money on expensive holiday table decor by crafting your own with a little help from The Krazy Coupon Lady. Grab a roll of chalkboard tape and a chalk pen to add holiday flare to any plate, platter or mug.

Little Hiccups

Making Santa’s Footprints

Make Santa’s visit even more magical by creating footprints that lead your kiddos right to the tree. Little Hiccups has all the info you need to make your good little boys and girls extra excited on Christmas morning.

candy-cane-place-cards via Krazy Coupon Lady
The Krazy Coupon Lady

Candy Canes as Card Holders

Turn those extra candy canes into cardholders with this awesome idea from The Krazy Coupon Lady. Tie a pair of them with a ribbon, and you’ve got a festive card holder! Bonus: They are also the perfect party favor or dessert!

Kim Demmon via Today's Creative Life

Cranberry Crafts

Cranberries are a holiday must-have that is great for decor or craft projects. We love this five-minute luminary idea from Today's Creative Life. Click here for even more awesome ideas.

Condiment Bottle For Icing

Frosted sugar cookies are a holiday staple, but decorating them can be super messy. In order to keep the crazy contained, use clear condiment bottles to create intricate designs and keep everything clean(er).

Making Pink Champagne

Champagne is a must for every holiday party, and you can make this treat even sweeter in a snap. Add cotton candy to your flute and pour the bubbly over it. Bonus: Try a non-alcoholic version with 7-Up for the kiddos.

Today's Creative Life

Paper Wrapped Candles Centerpiece

These DIY paper-wrapped candles make the perfect gift or centerpiece for any holiday party. Pick up some winter wonderland gift wrap and dollar store sanctuary candles, and head over to Today's Creative Life for all the details.

Nico Ismaili on Unsplash

Store Ornaments in Cups

Everyone wants to keep their ornaments organized, and it turns out all you need is a bin and a stack of plastic cups to make sure each ornament stays perfectly packed until next year. Head over to eHow for a fun video tutorial.

Gabby Cullen

Make Your Own Baking Powder

Baking is one of the best parts of the holiday season, but what if you run out of baking powder for your festive confections? We have a simple solution. To get 1 teaspoon baking powder, mix ¼ teaspoon baking soda with ½ teaspoon cream of tartar, and voila!

Our Suburban Farm

Photos Instead of Gift Tags

Instead of using those tiny gift tags, follow Our Suburban Farm’s lead and use your favorite photos from the past year. Print and paste the pics on each gift to add an artistic and unique touch.


Hot Glue For Twinkle Lights

Are you having trouble getting the twinkle lights to stick to your home’s exterior? Try applying hot glue in exactly the right spot, and your lights will stick to those porous surfaces in no time. This awesome tutorial from Christmas Decorators will help you get the job done.

Wrap Your Tree Before You Toss It

The big day is over and you need to take your tree to the curb, but how do you make that happen without getting pine needles all over your house? We recommend wrapping garbage bags around both ends to minimize the mess. Simply remove and re-use the bags after (most city tree pickups require the trees to be unwrapped). You can also do the same thing with an old sheet unless your tree is extra long. 

An Italian in My Kitchen

Whipped Cream Shapes

You can make any mug of hot chocolate extra festive with this brilliant hack. Try freezing your whipped cream to make fun shapes with cookie cutters. Get the recipe and some helpful tips on An Italian in My Kitchen.

It's Always Autumn

DIY Cookie Holders

If you’re looking for a cute and simple way to deliver your delicious holiday treats without breaking a single one, try this cool method from It’s Always Autumn. With a paper plate and a few adorable embellishments, you’ll have one sweet cookie holder.

GlueGunSnowflakes via Muslin & Merlot
Muslin & Merlot

Hot Glue Snowflakes

Save on holiday décor by making your own snowflakes. All you need is parchment paper, a glue gun and Muslin & Merlot’s tutorial for Glue Gun Snowflakes. You’ll have wintry, one-of-a-kind décor for windows and tabletops and even the tree!

kaboompics via Pixabay

Instapot Wine Recipe

If you’ve discovered the joy of cooking with an Instant Pot, then you’ll know this little beauty can do just about anything, including turning grape juice into wine. With a little help from David Murphy, all you need to do is grab some grape juice and leave the pot on its yogurt setting, and you’ll have your very own wine in a matter of hours!

Gifting Checklist

Deciding on a strategy to deal with your kiddos' endless list of holiday gift requests is always hard. But, luckily we have a pretty genius solution. Create a gifting checklist for each person, so they know that they'll be getting a present from every category: 1. Something they want, 2. Something they need, 3. Something to wear and 4. Something to read.

Jamie Scott

Decorate Your Pumpkins for The Holidays

Do you still have Halloween pumpkins hanging around? Follow this cool tutorial from Nola Girl at Heart to create your very own snowman with painted pumpkins.

Jill Burrow from Pexels

Pick Up Broken Glass

Whether you’re throwing a holiday party or just decorating the tree, you need to be ready to deal with broken glass. Instead of sweeping or vacuuming, we recommend reaching for a slice of bread. Press the bread over the glass and watch as all those tiny shards disappear in seconds.

Monica Matheny via The Yummy Life

Keep Your Chocolate Melted

Creating the gooey goodness of melted chocolate is a must for decorating your favorite holiday treats. To keep the chocolate perfectly melty, make sure it stays in a water bath in your slow cooker. You can also use The Yummy Life technique to melt peanut butter chips, milk and white chocolate to give your kiddos tons of decorating options.

Chica and Jo

Festive Trash Bin for Gift Wrap

Unwrapping presents is one of the most magical and messy parts of the holiday season. Chica & Jo came up with a brilliant idea to wrap a large box with an open top in wrapping paper and use it as a trash bin on the big day. When it’s all over, it’s as simple as carrying it out the door.

Amber Guetebier

Bundt Pan Wreath

Build a cool upcycled wreath using an old bundt pan, ribbon and a little flair. We promise it’ll be nothing bundt fun for your little helpers. Click here for all of the details, and don't forget, you can always skip the painting step and go with copper or silver to make it even easier.


Get a Real Letter from Santa

Keep the magic alive for your little ones by arranging to have a letter from Santa arrive in the mail. The USPS has a Letters from Santa program; simply have your kiddo write a letter, then you write a letter from "Santa" and send them both to the North Pole by December 15th.

Homemade Parties

DIY Santa Cups

Make our drinks extra festive with these adorable Santa Cups from Monica at Homemade Parties. Consider using them for holiday gifts for teachers: one of these full of candy, bath salts or handmade cookies is cute and hassle-free!

Sean O. via Yelp

The LightKeeper Pro

Twinkle lights make your house feel like a winter wonderland, but one faulty bulb means tossing out the whole string. That’s why one of our must-have gadgets for the season is The LightKeeper Pro. This handy little tool fixes broken bulbs in seconds and is guaranteed to save you some serious cash.


Wire Hanger Tinsel Tree

Turn your coat hangers into holiday decor in a snap. These trees are perfect for side tables and window sills and can even double as a seasonal hallway nightlight. 

Allison Sutcliffe

Bag Clip on Tape Edge

When you’re wrapping all those presents, losing the tape edge is every parent’s worst nightmare. But, we’ve got a hack that will change your life. All you need to do is put a bag clip at the end of the roll to hold your place.

CandySleighs via Ellyn's Place
Ellyn’s Place

Make a Sleigh with Halloween Candy

Don’t let your leftover Halloween candy go to waste! Use those yummy treats to create perfect gifts for teachers, neighbors and friends. Learn more about how to turn two candy canes and a KitKat into a totally adorable sleigh over at Ellyn’s Place.

Use Hot Glue on Your Gingerbread House

You can do anything with hot glue, including building an amazing gingerbread house. It might sound kinda wacky, but using hot glue will actually make your gingerbread house last way longer. Head over My Little Poppies for more details on how to create the ultimate gingerbread masterpiece.

Adventures in Wunderland

Snow Dough

Whether you’re bracing for the polar vortex or looking forward to a sunny holiday season, kiddos love playing with snow. Try creating your very own snow dough with this awesome recipe from Adventures in Wunderland. The best part, all you have to do is add water, and you’ve got instant dough!

Consumer Crafts

Wine Glass Snow Globe

Snow globes always give you that classic winter wonderland vibe. To learn how to turn a plastic wine glass and some miniature trees into this signature piece of decor and if you don't feel like making fake snow, Miss Kopy Kat suggests using Epsom salts as a budget-friendly alternative.

Free Images Live

Color Code the Wrapping Paper By Kid

Color coding your gifts is an easy way for your non-readers to pass out presents and figure out which gifts are theirs. Assign each family member a color or wrapping paper pattern and forget all of those pesky gift tags.

The Crafter Life

Build Your Own Fireplace

Curling up next to a crackling fire gets you in the holiday spirit, but you don't actually need a functioning fireplace to enjoy the tradition. All you really need is six cardboard boxes, a roll of packing tape and some brick covering. Learn all about building your very own fireplace with a little help from this awesome tutorial

Brigitte Tohm via Pexels

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Winter is the ultimate season for breaking out the slow cooker to help you create yummy dinners for the fam. But, this amazing invention is also great for brewing scrumptious hot chocolate. Head over to How Sweet Eats for all details on making hot chocolate everyone will love. 

Sweet Pickins Furniture

Ornament Wreath

Decking the halls is one of the best parts of the holiday season. If you’re looking for something shinier to decorate your home, try creating a giant ornament wreath with this hack from Sweet Pickins.

— Taylor Clifton, Natasha Davis with Jennifer Massoni Pardini


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