37 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids

From glitter cereal to addictive puzzles and light-up bath toys, these stocking stuffer ideas for kids may be the biggest hit on Christmas morning.

This year, fight the urge to wait until the last minute to shop for the smaller gifts on your list. To help, we’ve carefully curated a list of the best stocking stuffers for kids. This treasure trove of doodads, trinkets, and mini-gifts is so good that this year’s stocking stuffer ideas may just upstage the fancy-wrapped presents under the tree. From brain busters to keep your crew engaged through the holiday break to sweet treats, this list proves what everybody already knows—tiny stuff is cool! Also, don’t miss our gift guides for kids of all ages, like the hard-to-buy-for-tweens, energetic preschoolers, and grade school kids. Ho, ho, ho!

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Micro Toy Box

micro toy box is a perfect stocking stuffer idea

It's all about the element of surprise, right? This box of tiny toy treasures fits in the palm of your hand and you don't know which set of items you're going to get until you open it. Just be prepared for your little one to want to collect them all!

Micro Toy Box, $8

Land of Dough Glitter Roll

fun stocking stuffers

It's glittery, it's festive and it's pint-sized. In other words, it's the perfect stocking stuffer. Kids can create their own masterpieces and deliver some holiday hits with these themed glitter rolls.

Land of Dough Glitter Rolls, $5

Muddy Bites Waffle Cone

Stuffing stockings with treats is always a good idea. These light, crunchy, mini waffle cones filled with chocolate are the best bite of a sundae cone. Each package arrives with six resealable bags so you can pop one in every stocking (including yours!)—tiny tastes of joy on Christmas morning.  

Muddy Bites Waffle Cone,$15

Gund Drops

These cute and whimsical characters have unique names and embroidered cutie marks, and they've got GUND's signature huggable feel! Series 1 features everyday animals and fantasy creatures that have rainbow metallic accents. Suitable for ages 3 and up. 

Gund Drops, $10

Harry Potter Screaming Mandrake Mini Kit

This adorable mini version of the famous Wizarding World of Harry Potter plant screams when lifted out of its pot! 

Harry Potter Screaming Mandrake Mini Kit, $14.

World's Smallest Bop It

a mini bop it is a retro stocking stuffer idea

For a perfect stocking stuffer idea, it's an old-school fav made tinier than ever. Twist it and pull it for hours of fun and a hefty dose of nostalgia. 

World's Smallest Bop It, $18

Kid Quest Family Game

This award-winning game comes in a box small enough to fit into any stocking—and provide hours of family fun. It inspires kids to ask the adult in their lives questions they may never have known the answers to. The perfect game to play around any holiday table. 

Kid Quest Family Game, $20

Kawaii Nail Stickers

Stocking Stuffers

Kiddos love cute, kawaii-inspired illustrations, so stuffing their stocking with these adorable nail stickers will earn you serious street cred. Each pack has 200 nail stickers that are easy for little hands to use and fit on kids' hands of all shapes and sizes. 

Kawaii Nail Stickers, $16

Debatable Game

Stocking Stuffer

Put game night on the calendar and break out this fun social card deck where you win points for winning arguments. No politics or religion debated, just the real hot-button issues like how to load the dishwasher like an actual human being.

Debatable Game, $15

Ooly's Mini Maze Paper Games

Mini Mazes are a great Stocking Stuffer idea

Need something to keep your crew engaged and screen-free during the holiday break? This maze book for kids includes 24 mazes, so they'll find their way out of boredom in no time. Bonus tic-tac-toe games are on the back of every sheet. It's also a great gift to bring on the go for holiday travel plans. 

Ooly's Mini Maze Paper Games, $6

Kinetic Sand Dino Excavate

Toddlers and preschoolers will love finding this kinetic sand set in their stockings. Watch as they dig through the sand to reveal one of three sets of dinosaur bones. Be sure they keep digging to find the hidden amber fossil treasure too. 

Kinetic Sand Dino Excavate, $5

Itty Bitty Marquee

mini marquee stocking stuffers

Your expressive kiddo will get 100 tiles in assorted letters, numbers, characters, and symbols to create their messages for this adorable light-up sign. 

Itty Bitty Marquee, $13

Chew Crew Silicone Baby Teether

Stocking Stuffer

Perfect for a baby stocking stuffer! The adorably designed teethers will keep your tiniest tot happy and tear-free this holiday season. Teethers are safe on baby’s gums, and the open design makes them easy for small hands to grasp.

Chew Crew Silicone Baby Teether, $10

Kwik Stix Paint Pens

Kwik Stix paint pens

These easy-to-grip pens take all of the mess out of painting: the vibrant colors glide onto surfaces like magic and dry in less than 90 seconds. A win for budding artists and parents everywhere!   

Kwik Stix Paint Pens, $11

Purse Pets Micro Kitty

Clip it on a backpack, or wrap it on a wrist! Little fashionistas will love accessorizing and showing off their individual style with these micro purses. 

Purse Pets Micro Kitty, $13

Matchbox Car 5-Pack

Some things never go out of style. Your kiddo will love pulling out this matchbox starter kit and coming up with their own city, rescue, construction, or adventure story.  

Matchbox Car 5-Pack, $5

Kanoodle 3-D Game

Kanoodle is a fun game and great stocking stuffer idea

The addictive brain-bending puzzle became a viral sensation—thanks, TikTok! We love that kiddos can happily go screen-free and engage in this fun and challenging puzzle that sparks confidence and critical thinking. When you're done, just pack up the pieces inside the pocket-sized carrier case so you can Kanoodle anytime, anywhere. Fair warning, you'll be just as mesmerized as your little one. 

Kanoodle 3-D Game, $17

Terry's Chocolate Orange

Terry's chocolate orange

This classic sweet stocking stuffer is always a fun treat to find on Christmas morning. Whack it, split it, and enjoy! 

Terry's Chocolate Orange, $7

My Squishy Little Dumpling

my squishy dumpling is a cute stocking stuffer idea

Squeeze, shake, toss—this little dumpling reacts differently depending on how you play with him! Whatever they feel like doing, this squishy toy gives kids a way to de-stress or just have sensory fun.

My Squishy Little Dumpling, $11

Paw Patrol Finger Puppets

Give bath time an upgrade with tub-friendly Paw Patrol finger puppets. The bright colors and friendly faces will encourage plenty of fun performances. 

Paw Patrol Finger Puppets, $9

Crazy Aaron's Amazing Prediction Thinking Putty

crazy aaron's putty stocking stufferss

The world-famous putty gets a mystical makeover with this new version that includes eight different fortune stones. Perfect for predicting a white Christmas! 

Crazy Aaron's Amazing Prediction Thinking Putty, $16

Happy Hair Chalk

stocking stuffer

Let them express themselves with this fun (temporary!) hair color chalk. From rainbow strands, cotton candy-pink tresses, and polka dots—your little one can go wild while you remember "hair" today, gone tomorrow!

 Happy Hair Chalk, $26

Mondo Llama Holiday Craft Stick Characters Kit

Mondo Llama Holiday Craft Stick Characters Kit

Continue the merry-making with a pint-sized craft session that's just the right amount of messy (read: not very). Hang the resulting masterpieces on the tree for extra holiday sweetness.

Mondo Llama Holiday Craft Stick Characters Kit, $15

Glo Pals Light Up Water Cubes

stocking stuffer

Getting clean just got more interesting! Draw a bath, drop the Pals in and watch them (and your toddler!) light up. Each Pal has a face and a different personality and will project onto their surroundings, making for fun interactions.

Glo Pals, $35


Welly Bravery Badges

welly bandages are fun for a stocking stuffer

These fun band-aids come in bright colors with cheerful monsters and are perfect for brave kids who should be sporting their boo-boos with pride. 

Welly Bravery Badges, $7

Cereal Glitter

stocking stuffer

Ensure breakfast is their favorite meal of the day by turning cereal into a disco party with Cereal Glitter™. Sprinkle it over a bowl of cereal while making a wish. If the milk turns blue, your wish *might* come true.

Glitter Cereal, $2.50

Hoshiny Hair Clips

Hoshiny hair clips

We honestly can't decide which of these accessories is cutest (though the golden retriever clip seems like a front-runner)!

Hoshiny Hair Clips, $12-$24

Touchscreen Mist Cleaner

phone cleaner is a good stocking stuffer ideas for teens

For anyone with a screen, this stocking stuffer is a must-have. The compact MoMA Touchscreen Mist Cleaner boasts an all-in-one design for keeping phones, tablets, and laptop screens spotless on the go. 

Touchscreen Mist Cleaner, $15

Mini Yule Log

stocking stuffers

Holiday cheer and warmth will be at their fingertips with this adorable mini version of a Yule Log. It even makes crackling sounds! 

Mini Yule Log, $13

Eat Your Greens Chocolate Vegetables

Eat Your Greens chocolate vegetables

Who can resist playing a holiday-themed prank? Load up their stockings with these chocolates masquerading as Brussels sprouts and broccoli. The looks on their faces will be priceless.  

Eat Your Greens Chocolate Vegetables, $15

The Don't Laugh Challenge Joke Book

joke book for a stocking stuffer

Your kids can challenge family members to keep a straight face with this funny joke book, which is perfect for downtime or before holiday dinners.

The Don't Laugh Challenge Joke Book, $8.

Potensic Mini Drone

Potensic mini drone

Beginners can take to the skies (honestly, indoors works, too!) with this smaller drone, which features three speeds and four propellor guards to protect small hands, walls and furniture, and the drone itself.

Potensic Mini Drone, $30

Build a Snowman Kit

build a snowman kit stocking stuffer

Mold white foam putty into a mini snowman over and over again. Each kit comes with everything kids need to make their own version of Frosty right at home. 

Build a Snowman Kit, $10

Tattly Glow-in-the-Dark Garden Tattoos

glow in the dark tattoos are fun stocking stuffers

What's better than temporary tattoos as stocking stuffers? Glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos!

Tattly Glow-in-the-Dark Garden Tattoos, $11

Palm Reading Card Deck

Perfect for your budding fortune teller, this deck of 100 cards is a guide for learning how to read the hand to decipher signs of good fortune. 

Palm Reading Card Deck, $9

TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus Plushie

TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus Plushie

Kids can let the world know just how joyful—or annoyed!—they are this holiday season with this charming yet moody pal.

TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus Plushie, $15


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