17 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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They say it’s the little things that count. After a peek at our carefully curated collection of mini holiday gifts and stocking stuffers, we think you’ll agree. From the hottest tiny toys to creative things you might not have thought about putting in their Christmas stocking, the things below will give Santa’s helpers (ahem, you) some serious street cred.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

$15 for 3   BUY NOW

A classic stocking stuffer, it’s almost as fun to open this orange as it is to eat it!

Gold & Silver Mini Fortune Surprize Ball

$7.50   BUY NOW

It’s all about the element of surprise, right? These charming silver and gold balls contain five different prizes, all of which are tons of fun for kids to unwrap.

Pop It Keychain

$10 for 5   BUY NOW

2021’s hottest toy in mini form! They can be attached to a backpack and provide quick fun anytime.

50 Cool Things to Do in the Car Game

$9   BUY NOW

The games in this cute tin range from Hum that Tune to Car Charades, and they are a perfect way to get the kids off the screen and into the moment.

Welly Bandages

$5   BUY NOW

These bandaids are not only waterproof, but they come in dozens of fun patterns from which to choose.

Teenie NeeDoh Stress Ball

$15 for 3   BUY NOW

Squeeze it, smush it or knead it! Whatever they feel like doing, this fidget toy gives kids a way to de-stress or just have sensory fun.

Squishy Bubble Bath Bombs

$30 for 6   BUY NOW

Getting clean just got more interesting! These bombs create a real bubble bath with scented, colored water and a surprise toy in the middle.

Decorative Bike Bells

$20   BUY NOW

Let them kit out their ride with a classic accessory that stands out in the crowd.

Stocking Stuffers for Kid Scientists

$49   BUY NOW

This fun bundle has four different STEAM-centric goodies you can divvy up amongst your crew.

Little Kids Fubbles

$12 for 3   BUY NOW

For your tiniest tot, no-spill bubbles are the perfect addition to their stocking.

Cat Jelly Macaron Lip Balm

$6   BUY NOW

This adorable lip balm comes in fun flavors like strawberry, peach, cotton candy and grape.

Tiny Funner Tin

$15   BUY NOW

If there’s something more fun than a tin of 10 Tattly tattoos, we haven’t found it.

MiO 2 Magical People

$10 for 2   BUY NOW

Magical adventures are on the horizon with these two sweet beanbag wizards.

Plus Plus Winter Tube

$8   BUY NOW

Everyone loves these fun little building blocks! This year’s holiday-themed tube has enough pieces to make a pretty snowflake.

Tech Deck Ultra DLX Fingerboard

$11 for 4   BUY NOW

With these finger decks, your little shredder can have tons of skating fun without hitting the pavement.

Ooly Chunkies Paint Sticks

$7.50   BUY NOW

This sparkly metallic paint doesn't need water or a brush! The sticks are easy to hold as well, which makes them a good stocking stuffer for a range of ages.

LEGO® Minifigures Marvel Studios

$5   BUY NOW

With this latest line of minifig collectibles, your kids might get Thor, Captain America, the Scarlett Witch or other MU heroes.

—Gabby Cullen

Featured image: Dan Lefebvre via Unsplash

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