You Can Get Hot Butterbeer Year Round at Universal Studios & Just Take Our Galleons

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Calling all Muggles! Universal Studios has made a big announcement: hot Butterbeer can now be enjoyed the entire year long.

Prior to the happy news, which Universal Studios Orlando made on Twitter, fans of the butterscotchy-drink were only privy to it during the cold, winter months. Now it doesn’t take a drizzle to get your hands on a steaming cup of the novel-worthy beverage.

If you can’t fathom enjoying the hot drink on an equally hot day, you can still enjoy the rest of The Wizard World of Harry Potter’s other treats. Cool off with a cold or frozen Butterbeer, and then top it off with some Butterbeer soft serve.

There’s only one catch: so far, only the Orlando theme park has made the announcement. That means, you can currently only snag a cup of hot Butterbeer if you head to Florida!

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Filmcameraaddict via iStock



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