Picking a Pet? Five Moms Share How They Decided On Their Furry Friends

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You’ve made the big decision to add a pet to your family and now it’s time for another important choice: What kind of animal will you get? Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to cat or dog (or bird, or lizard!) you’ll also need to figure out which kind of pet best fits your family’s lifestyle. We’ve teamed up with Hill’s Pet and five moms to see how they decided on what kind of pet to add to their family:

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As a mom to two tiny humans and two dogs, Nashville Wife Styles has her hands full! When it was time for her family to get another dog, she knew that a pug mix was the perfect loyal pup to join their fam.

The Jamie Lynn Show and her three little ones love to fill their weekends with activities and adventure, which is why they decided on a Goldendoodle. This energetic pup is always prepared to join them as they explore!

While Texas Forever Farmhouse is a fan of both cats and dogs, when it came to getting her own family pet she knew that a cat was the best fit, thanks to their independence and quiet presence.


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The Gingy Pants had her pup Fin before they started growing their family with children, but she always knew she wanted her kids to grow up with a dog. Having an older pup who is a little bit calmer has been a perfect fit for her two little ones!

When Ann Marie Bailey’s family was spending more time at home last spring, they decided to add a pup to their family. With three kids, they wanted a dog that was full of energy, but as a family with sensitive skin they also knew a hypoallergenic dog was best for them.