There’s no time like the new year to learn how to feel better, and we have 5 easy ways to do it

We’re not into the ‘new year, new me’ thing. First of all, we think you’re pretty fabulous exactly the way you are. But we’re also not fans of all the pressure trying to change every habit in your life the second the clock strikes midnight. Major ick. Instead, we’re all about small changes that lead to big results. Learning how to feel better can be a little tricky, especially when everyone is offering ‘quick fixes’. Well, we’re not doing that. We’re sharing 5 of our favorite ways to create meaningful change without a stressful overhaul.

Of course, you know that there are a lot of products and services out there that promise the moon. It can be a serious challenge to figure out what’s worth investing in and what’s a total waste of time. And we know you don’t have time to waste, so we’ve put together 5 ways that’ll help you to start feeling your best from Day 1. Simple steps, serious change. What’s not to love about that? Keep reading for 5 easy-peasy ways to help you learn how to feel better and make 2024 the best year yet.

Consume More Superfoods (Without the Hassle)

Snap Supplements

You know the phrase 'work smarter, not harder'? That's how we feel about nutrition. We're busy. There's a pretty good chance you're not preparing beets or dandelion greens (but even if you are, there's always room for improvement). Make getting the superfoods your body craves easy (that's the vibe for 2024) with a high-quality supplement like Organic Heart Beets.

Heart Beets Powder is the ultimate all-natural superfood with certified organic beetroot powder and phytonutrients designed to boost energy, promote heart health, and aid digestive function. What can't it do? We're talking:

  • Supporting healthy blood pressure
  • Naturally promoting energy and performance
  • Aiding in detoxing and gut health

Just one scoop of Heart Beets (we kinda love saying it) is all you need to help get your body feeling its best.

Heart Beets—Buy Here!

Tone Up Your Resistance to Stress (Seriously)


Oh, we know how easy it sounds. 'Just stop stressing', right? Reality check: stress is created when our long-held primal instincts (or our 'lizard brains') tell us we're in danger. That was great when our ancestors were being chased by prehistoric creatures, but our brains have evolved to trigger our survival instincts way too often. As important as deadlines and laundry truly are to our day-to-day, they're not being-chased-by-a-Sabre-Toothed-Tiger important. But our brains turn on those survival instincts at the drop of a hat and that's so not good for us.

What soothes stress? Activating the Vagus Nerve. That's the reason you feel knots in your belly under pressure. The Vagus Nerve regulates your body's reaction to stress, and toning it can have immediate and long-term benefits.

We've been using Sensate to do that. In just 10 minutes, the Sensate uses vibrations and sound to lower your stress. It's a wearable, palm-sized device and audio app that tones your Vagus Nerve, so you can naturally self-regulate your stress responses and find your calm.

Sensate—Buy Here!

Start From the Ground Up


The amount of pressure we put on our feet is...intense. From the minute we wake up to the minute we get into bed at the end of the day, they're literally carrying us everywhere. We ask them to walk, run, take stairs two at a time, stand in lines, leap over the spot the dog threw up in (or are we just projecting now?), chase toddlers across gravely playgrounds—the list goes on. 

Your foot health impacts your entire posture, can contribute to lower back pain, affect your balance—really, it all starts with our feet. Treating them well is a necessity, but we know that the comfiest shoes are, a lot of times, ew. Chunky, ugly, and squeaky aren't what we want to be associated with. Enter KURU.

The KURU FLUX offers heels-focused pain relief for everyday comfort. Perfect for your gym routine, neighborhood jog, dog walk, or travel plans, FLUX features heel-hugging technology that flexes with each step to hug your heels and support your arches. Oh, and they're a sock-like fit, so you can step into them and step out of them without having to mess with laces. Is it the perfect mom shoe? We aren't saying it's not...


Are. You. Hydrated?


Are you?? 

We're seriously asking because it's so. so. so. so. important. Aside from boosting glowy skin and relieving bloat, being drinking water improves your focus, your physical performance, your energy level, kidney and liver function...listen, you just have to stay hydrated. And by the time you feel thirsty, guess what? You're already heading down Dehydration Drive.

The easiest way to stay hydrated is to have a convenient (and cute, we won't lie) vessel. We're very into the CamelBak Horizon 20oz Straw Tumbler in this dreamy, limited-edition Rose Gold Sky Metallic Fade finish. It's easy to carry around, fits right in cup holders, has a non-slip base, and an improved lid to help water flow even better. Oh, plus your water stays cold. Yeah, they thought of everything. (Also available in a moody mossy green color finish.)

CamelBak Horizon 20oz Straw Tumbler—Buy Here!

Keep Track of What Your Body Is Doing

Glow Premium

Menstruation, intimacy, fertility, pregnancy, parenthood, sleep, activity, and beyond. You need to know what's going on (notice how your doctor asks about most, if not all, of those things, even when you're just at a checkup?), but we know it's not at all easy to keep track of all of it. 

Surprise. There's an app for that. But Glow isn't just any app. It's a family of 4 apps that support you from your period, fertility, prenatal and pregnancy health, and parenting journey. 

The best part? Glow works with the Oura Ring—a sleek and chic unisex ring in several metal finishes that's so comfy, you might forget you're even wearing it. You don't have to have a smartwatch or fitness tracker anymore to stay on top of your health. Oura Ring uses research-grade sensors to accurately track your sleep, activity, heart rate, and more, right from your finger. As if that wasn't enough, when you purchase the Oura Ring here, you unlock Glow Premium Lifetime free. 

If you want to stick with regular health tracking, use code TINYBEANS20 to get 20% off your yearly Glow membership + a 7 day free trial.

Oura Ring + Glow Premium Lifetime—Buy Here!


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