How to Make an Adorable Spring-Themed Easter Basket

Another holiday, another drawer that’s fully stocked with sweets. Switch things up this Easter by swapping candy for supplies that’ll get your kids excited to head outside and enjoy the spring weather. To get you started, we’ve put together an incredibly simple spring-themed Easter basket. Bonus: It even includes a new friend for your kiddo to explore with!

Cabbage Patch Kids, the iconic brand that you remember from your playground days, has introduced new Cabbage Patch Kids including a cool skater kid and adorable Cutietown friends. Just like you remember, no two Cabbage Patch Kids are alike! Each Kid comes with a unique birth certificate and official oath of adoption.

Find out how to make an adorable spring-themed Easter basket with your little one’s new favorite Cabbage Patch Kid:



Find your child’s forever friend:


Cabbage Patch Kids 14 Inch Kids Roller Skate Kid

Let's roll! This so-cute Cabbage Patch Kid comes with a trendy skater outfit and her own set of skates. The wheels on her skates even spin!


Cutietown Farm Friends

Each Cutietown pack comes with four adorably small 3 inch figures. Choose from Farm Friends, Fantasy Friends or Zoo Friends. Or, even better, collect them all!


Farm Friends Cuties 3-Pack

These udder-ly adorable Farm Friends comes in a pack with three farm-themed 9" Cuties. They're the perfect addition to any Easter basket!


Cabbage Patch Kids 14 Inch Slumber Kid

If staying in is more your style, the Slumber Kid is perfect for you and your little one. Dressed in pajamas, a sleep mask and slippers she is ready to be your Slumber Party BFF!


Giggle With Me Toddler

Get ready for laughs! The Giggle With Me toddler has 10 giggle reactions and shakes with laughter. The purple bunny costume and white fluffy tail make it the perfect Easter companion.


Splash n' Float Newborn

This trendy newborn comes with a giraffe floaty and matching swimsuit, of course! Perfect for the beach, pool or bath time—your toddler will want to take this newborn everywhere.


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