How to Pick Eyeglasses for Your Kid’s Face Shape

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Eyeglasses can add an additional flair to your kid’s style, but is there a style or frame shape that is better suited for their face shape? How do you know what the best frame shape is for their face shape?

As the co-founder of Jonas Paul Eyewear, my team and I have spent quite a bit of time studying frames and faces, and can recommend the best frames to accentuate each face shape and bring out the personality behind the lenses. Here are a few of my tips on the best way to find stylish kids glasses to accentuate their already sparkling style and personality. And if going into a store sounds overwhelming, many eyewear companies now offer home try-on kits so you can explore and try on various styles in the comfort of your home. 

Oval Faces: If you’re not sure if your child has an oval face shape, take a look to see if they have balanced proportions, high cheekbones, and a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead. To maintain the natural, balanced proportions of an oval face, I always recommend finding frames that are not overly wide or tall to steer away from creating an illusion that your face features are disproportionate. Faces that already have a naturally balanced look will do best with these types of medium-sized frames.

Round Faces: Typically, if your kid has a round face, it means that they have soft angles, a slightly curved jawline, and a jawline that is slightly narrower than the forehead. Finding st‌yles that contrast the shape of your face, such as rectangular st‌yles with a narrower eyeglass, will help better define their features and make their face appear longer. A few of our st‌yles, such as The Maddie or The Lincoln are the perfect example.

Square Faces: With angular features, a strong jawline, and cheekbones that are about the same width as the forehead, square face shapes are usually better suited with circular frames, as they tend to soften the angles of the face. If you’re not sure where to begin, glasses that have softer curves or edges will definitely accentuate the sharp features in you or your child’s face. Again, it’s all about contrast! 

Heart-Shaped Faces: For heart-shaped faces with high cheekbones, a wider forehead that narrows down to a smaller, defined chin, and a sharply tapered jawline, I recommend lighter, more airy frames, both in color and in material. This st‌yle can make heart-shaped faces appear to be more balanced and symmetrical from top to bottom, reducing the width of the forehead. St‌yles like The Maddie and The Paul are a great option to test out with your little ones!

While it can feel overwhelming to test out new styles or freshen up a look (even as adults!), always remember, it’s an ongoing journey. Try and find what feels most comfortable for your child, test it out, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! 


Laura, co-founder and COO of Jonas Paul Eyewear, started the brand with her husband shortly after their first child, Jonas, was born with a rare-eye condition. From there, Jonas Paul Eyewear was created with the mission of creating stylish eyewear and providing sight to children in need with every purchase.