How to Stay Sane While Traveling with Your Baby During the Holidays

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My three-month-old has already taken several trips since she was born. Perhaps it is because she is my third child and that I am less apprehensive about packing a carry-on and jet setting across the country. Below are five tips for traveling with your little one during the holiday season.

Have realistic expectations. As parents, we are sometimes too hard on ourselves. Set small deliberate goals for your trip, but be realistic and flexible.

Pack Well. Check the weather and pack items that are geared towards the climate and culture of the place you are visiting. Since your baby is small, short sleeve and long sleeve items are both good items to pack. The airplane and train tend to be cold. Keep your luggage down to one or two items.

Make a Schedule. Children typically do not follow a schedule, but creating one will help you keep track of events and visits. Make sure to schedule breaks and nap times for the baby. Set a schedule for when you will visit your friends and family. Rather than visiting more than two homes per day, invite friends and family to one central location.

Take time out. Schedule breaks throughout the day and a date night if you are traveling with your partner. Make sure you have time at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant during your trip, even if it means escaping from family for a few minutes.

Enjoy the trip. Though traveling with young children can be stressful, build in snacks, sightseeing, and other fun events to keep from feeling overwhelmed. Take plenty of photos.