Dude Dad Is Back with a Hilarious Spoof of His Wife “Every Christmas”

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Taylor Calmus, a.k.a. Dude Dad, is back at it again. The comedian dad’s newest video “My wife Every Christmas” is so right on “Target” you’ll laugh from the moment you watch it until Santa’s big day!

Calmus describes the video as, “Just a compilation of all the things my wife does and says every single Christmas as acted out by me, her husband,” and adds, “Love you babe!”—to his wife Heidi.

The clip starts out with Dude Dad, dressed as Heidi, waving buh-bye to her Thanksgiving guests and immediately heading towards a twinkle-light filled Christmas. After hanging a wreath, DudeDad/mom asks her hubby to fetch a seemingly endless stream of holiday decor picks from the attic. Of course, everything isn’t in the attic. Some, or maybe most of, what dude-mom needs is still at Target—and you totally understand.

If your holiday hectic level is currently set on high, and you need a well-deserved break, ask grandma to watch the kiddos, lock yourself in the bathroom and enjoy the three-plus minutes it takes to watch this cutely comedic clip!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Dude Dad via YouTube



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