It’s not just meat (so much meat lately) and cars that are subject to recalls lately: a recent IKEA ceiling light recall comes with a serious safety hazard that could impact your entire family—literally. Representatives from IKEA did not have a response to Red Tricycle’s request for comment.

The recalled product, the IKEA CALYPSPO ceiling lamp shade, can detach and fall. And obviously, that could cause an injury—especially when it’s a glass shade that could potentially fall from your ceiling. So what do you need to know about this lamp and its recall?

Photo: Courtesy of IKEA

IKEA CALYPSO Lamp Description

The current recall is only for IKEA’s CALYPSO ceiling lamp. The lamp has the article number 000.324.16 and a manufacturing date code between 1625 and 1744.

Why the Ceiling Lamp Was Recalled

Nineteen incident reports show that the glass shade can fall off the lamp’s base, injuring anyone standing under it (if it shatters or hits them). Of the 19 incidents in the United States, three resulted in an injury. According to IKEA’s recall, these injuries were minor.

How to Tell If Your Ceiling Lamp Is Part of the Recall

Do you have an IKEA CALYPSO ceiling lamp? Did you purchase it between Aug. 1, 2016 and July 2018? If you answered yes to both, check the article number and manufacturing date codes. You can find the date codes inside of the lamp shade. Remove the glass shade (very, very carefully) and check for date codes that are between 1625 and 1744.

What Can Parents Do

If you have the recalled product remove it from your ceiling immediately and return it to an IKEA store. The return does not require a receipt. Customers with the affected products are eligible for a full refund or a replacement product.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of IKEA



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