IKEA Veggie Hot Dogs Are Finally Available Across the U.S.

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There are many things IKEA is known for: DIY furniture, nearly unpronounceable product names and of course, those delicious Swedish meatballs and uber cheap $1 hot dogs. But what if you’re a vegetarian or your kiddo just can’t stand meat? Well now you’re in luck, because IKEA veggie hot dogs are finally here!

The IKEA Bistro now features a totally vegetarian hot dog. So what’s in these not-so-meaty dogs? Even though they may look sort of like the real deal, IKEA’s veggie take on the classic includes red lentils, kale, ginger and carrots. Yum!

Not only are these dogs good for you, they’re also good for the environment. And if you’re wondering what a hot dog has to do with the environment, IKEA notes that its sustainable veggie dogs have a greenhouse gas emission that’s seven times less than a regular ol’ hot dog. Now that’s some food for thought.

According to Micheal La Cour, Managing Director at IKEA Food Services AB, “We are facing many challenges in the food production industry today and one of those challenges is that we need to be more sustainable. With the global reach that we have at IKEA we believe that we have a responsibility and a great opportunity to serve food that is good for the planet.” La Cour adds, “But of course there is no point in creating a more sustainable food options if it is not delicious and that is why we are extremely proud of the new veggie hotdog.”

If you’re into veggie dogs, you may also want to check out IKEA’s Veggie Balls. They look just like their famed Swedish meatballs counterparts, but instead of meat, these treats are all carrots, chickpeas, bell peppers, kale and corn. Now that sound delish.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of IKEA



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