This Small Fry Photo Shoot Has an Adorable In-N-Out Burger Theme

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Who isn’t all in for a completely cute newborn photo shoot—especially when the subject is In-N-Out Burger? Belly Beautiful Portraits’ Karen Marie recently posted In-N-Out Burger-themed pics on Instagram, and they’re awesomely aww-dorable.

If you’re wondering how this French fry-filled photo shoot happened, the newborn’s parents met while working at the fave burger joint, according to the photographer’s IG post.

Unlike other newborn photo shoot backdrops, this one didn’t involve a mural-like scene or pink and blue flowers. Instead, the photographer filled the frame with 20 orders of burgers and fries.

When asked how she managed to get through the shoot without sneaking a few of those famous fries, the photographer answered, on IG, “Because my trainer/coach would make me do 30 min more cardio… and I hate cardio lol.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Belly Beautiful Portraits via Instagram



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