I’ve Got a Tealin’: Teal Pumpkins for Allergy-Safe Trick or Treating

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tealpumpkinprojectphoto: @sara_abrate_rodan_fields via Instagram

For most kids, Halloween means a free-for-all sugar high. But if you’re the parent of a kid with allergies, you know first hand the disappointment a kid feels when their big score is reduced to virtually nothing.

Enter the Teal Pumpkin Project, a national campaign that is encouraging parents to offer an allergy-friendly alternative to traditional candy. By setting a teal colored pumpkin outside your home, you’re sending a message to Halloween-goers that your home offers alternative non-edibles to accommodate children with various food allergies.

Get creative and offer treats like pens or pencils, vampire teeth, glow sticks and stickers. The stores are stocked this time of year with all kinds of sweet little items all kids will love and you’ll feel good knowing that you are making it possible for all kids to enjoy the sweetest part of Halloween.

What non-food treats would you hand out to trick-or-treaters?

— Francesca Katafias