We are about to bid farewell to 2018 forever and focus on the year in front of us which means new trends to embrace. So far, the predicted 2019 hot topics for parenting and kids are all about clean lines, less waste and staying simple––all things we can totally get on board with. So sit back, relax and enjoy the top ten style and trends come to life this year––according to Pinterest.

Toy Subscriptions

Li Tzuni via Unsplash

Rather than buying toy after toy that eventually goes unplayed with, parents are going a little more green and using subscription toy rental services. Companies like Green Piñata Toys curate toy boxes with up to four toys for ages six months to five years old, that kids can play with for as long as they want. When they get bored, return and get a new box of sanitized toys––no waste necessary.

Geo Modern Decor

Pottery Barn Kids

Bye bye, busy and loud kid rooms. Hello, stylish geometric patterns! Simple patterns and shapes are taking center stage in subdued bedrooms that offer more clean lines than clutter.

Birth Stats as Wall Decor

Knotted Timber via Etsy

There's nothing like remembering the day your sweet babe was born, and this year it's super on trend to put those details down and hang in the nursery. Parents are recreating all kinds of birth statistics and fashioning into stylish wall hangings. It's all in the details, baby!

Scavenger Hunt Birthdays

Una Sinkevica via iStock

When it comes to party fun, it's all about the hunt. Scavenger hunt-themed parties are on the rise and with endless amounts of pre-made free, downloadable printables on Pinterest, fun is just around the corner for your next celebration.

Audiobooks via Home Assistants

Icons8 Team via Unsplash

With the growing popularity of home assistants like Alexa, parents are turning towards audiobooks to avoid too much screen time. Using products like Audible and FreeTime Unlimited means kids have thousands of books at their imaginative fingertips.

Rustic Nursery Design

Minimal Creatures via Etsy

While everyone wants a soft place for baby to lay, but rustic nursery popularity is on the rise. Wood paneling, accent walls and vintage looking accessories are finding their place in baby rooms everywhere.

Enchanted Parties

Festive Fettis via Etsy

Enchanted forest party themes with whimsical toadstools and woodland creatures are the go-to theme this year. Greenery, fairy lights, butterflies and a touch of magic will make your kiddos next birthday party one for the books.

Smart SNOOzing

Happiest Baby

Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block has revolutionized newborn sleep once again. His womb-like rocking, white-noise-playing bassinet can hear your baby's cries and boost sound and motion. And while the smart bassinet costs a pretty penny, you can't really put a price on sleep, can you?

Tiny House (Bed)


Traditional toddler beds are out, house-frame floor beds are in! The transitional bed offers tons of whimsy and is perfect for little ones moving from crib to big-kid bed because it's low to the ground but cool in a big way.

Pumping on the Go

The Willow Pump

Busy mamas rejoice! The Willow Breast pump is the hottest trend on the market when it comes to hands-free, cord-free pumping that is discreet in both sights and sounds. 

––Karly Wood


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