These Designers Brought Kids’ Dream Backyards to Life


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If your kids could dream up their ideal backyard, what would it look like? An amusement park? A game zone? A water park? Angie’s List decided to help kids discover exactly what their dream backyards would look like by transforming their drawings into digital renderings.

Partnered with NeoMam Studios Angie’s List put a call out to kids across the globe, asking them a series of questions about their dream backyards. The kids ages four to ten years old were asked to draw their dream backyard including a treehouse, but no other directions were given. The imaginative illustrations were then turned into CGI renderings of how their ideas would play out in real world designs. Here’s a look at some of the imaginative creations the kids came up with.

Viola, Age 10, Ukraine

“The treehouse is as big as a house, this is an ancient oak. Leaves can turn into butterflies when I’m in the treehouse or when I dream about something. There is always comfortable and safe. There is a magic closet, when you go inside of it you can there make a wish or you can move to any place.”

Viola, rendering

Dante, Age 4, Argentina

“There are lots of coloured balls to play soccer, basketball, tag and many other games. A family of friendly raccoons live in caves underground, and they are the guardians of the coloured balls.”

Dante, rendering

Natalia, Age 6, United States

“My dream treehouse is very very high off the ground. There is a deck with a dog bed. It has a special unicorn horn on top that lights up. The roof has Christmas tree lights on it. The front window has pink curtains, and a door with a heart. There is a bridge from a tree and you can also climb up the ladder. There is a beautiful rainbow.”

Natalia, rendering

Rafael, Age 5, Philipines

“There’s no treehouse but I want a playhouse instead. I want the playhouse to be as big as my grandmother’s house. The roof is violet and has a dormer window in the middle. The walls of the playhouse are white. The door is red and has a green doorknob.”

Rafael, rendering

Harry, Age 10, England

“There is a pond full of wildlife in the backyard like frogs and newts. The pond leads into a river which circles the backyard and has several bridges over it for cars.”

Harry, rendering

Ilias, Age 8, Greece

“A very big backyard with a swimming pool, a climbing wall and safety belt, two swings, a sunbed, a bicycle, a hammock and a small yet nice flower garden at one side.”

Ilias, rendering

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Angie’s List


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