Get a head start on holiday shopping by having your kids tell you—er, Santa (duh!), what they want this year. Here are simple ways to get them thinking while you get organized.

Don’t Wait until the Last Minute

Kids tend to think about Christmas year-round, so it’s never too early to ask them to start plotting out their wish list. Late October/early November is a good time to encourage your kids to start daydreaming about their dream presents. 

Set Boundaries and Limits

Your little ones can certainly write down a zillion ideas (Dollhouse! Skateboard! A Pet Pony! Smartwatch!). But let them know that the presents piled under the tree won’t be unlimited. Help them prioritize the most pined for, meaningful gifts and table some others for future special occasions.

Let Your Kids Get Creative with Their List

Sure, pen and paper get the job done (and help practice handwriting among the elementary school set!). But kids love to be creative when compiling their Christmas wish list. With the Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch, kids can snap photos and videos of potential gifts or experiences with the two built-in cameras. Perhaps they spotted an awesome board game at a playdate (snap!). Or that visit to the zoo is a good reminder they’d love some animal books! (Selfie with a photo-bombing giraffe!) For serious wow-factor, kids can make a wish list with their Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch, even customizing photos and videos with decorative stickers and borders. You can use the micro-USB cable to transfer those photos and videos to the computer to watch a presentation of their ideal Christmas morning. (Gotta love when kids go the extra mile!).

Overwhelmed? Guide Them to Think in Categories

When it comes to holiday gifts, kids can have a hard time narrowing down their list. Although some big-ticket items are a no-brainer, you may have to steer them to think in categories. What do they really want? (Shiny new bike.) What do they really need? (Sweaters that fit post-growth spurt!) What are they interested in? (Soccer, drama, arts and crafts, photography, singing, etc.) Is there an experience they’d be over the moon for? (Tickets to a play, great seats at a sporting event, a visit to a museum.) Whenever you can help fuel their hobbies or reflect their unique style, it’s a win!

Santa, Tell Me! (Or… Just Do Some Research Together.)

Take your kiddos to a toy store (if you dare!) to peruse the aisles and get a better idea of items they’re hoping to receive this year. It’s always good to get as specific as possible so the thing you buy is actually the exact thing they’ve been coveting. Look through catalogs and websites. Ask friends with similarly aged kids what’s on their holiday shopping agenda for inspiration, too.

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