Dr. Seuss Style Watch: Ideas for Cool Seuss Gear

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From “Green Eggs and Ham” to “The Cat in the Hat,” Dr. Seuss books never got out of style. More than just funny tales of colorful, unusual creatures, the stories of Seuss impart morals and values that thrive in kids’ hearts for a lifetime. And with Dr. Seuss’ 109th birthday just around the corner (March 2 to be exact) now is the perfect time to show your Seussical side. If your kids are eating up the Dr. Seuss books like ice cream and pizza on movie night, here’s some tasty little finds that will bring Seuss from the page straight into their bedrooms and closets.

If and when you can peel your eyes away from the complete cuteness of the below photo, here’s the info on how to have a hat of your very own. Handmade to order with customizable colors, it’s available for sizes newborn to adult. Get your Lorax hat here. $24.99.


Mark your way up the canvas and see how high your kids can grow with the help of the Lorax and his friends the trees. It’s not too often that our kids hold onto things for more than a few months, so the fact that they’ll want to keep this growth chart around for a few years is a big plus in our book. $46.99


If your kids could use a loving push in the eco-friendly direction, the Lorax and his hearty defense of trees will do the trick to get them thinking. Inspire and educate them while in full Lorax costume and get a few of their lovely little laughs, too. $14.99.


The Lorax wouldn’t approve of those wasteful brown paper bags, and we don’t like the fact that those brown paper bag never last more than one lunch for our kids. Well say goodbye to those bag-a-day woes, because sporting this tin lunch box is part fashion statement, part eco-friendly awareness. One thing’s for sure, your little one will happily tote this Green Eggs and Ham lunch pail around any chance they can get. $12.99.


Converse have come a long way from the basketball court of decades past. Not only is it awesome your kids can still rock the same brand of kicks as Larry Bird or Kurt Cobain, they can do it with the style of their favorite characters, too. Get some Dr. Seuss Converse for those little feet and maybe yours too, with sizes toddler through adult. $24.99- $65.00.


Say goodbye to the days of fighting with your kids to get in the bathtub, because they’ll look forward to throwing on their Horton hooded towel once they jump out of the tub. Just don’t be surprised when you have a hard time getting them to take it of once it’s time to get dressed. $29.99.


Time flies, and so too will your child’s imagination when they get lost in playtime or when they’re reading The Cat in the Hat for the 13th time that day. The whimsical design and colorful characters make this wall clock a welcome addition to any self-respecting Dr. Seuss bedroom.


Although we’ve all probably blocked this trauma from our memories, learning the alphabet is one of life’s first major educational frustrations. Take the confusion and monotony out of this mandatory life skill with Dr. Seuss letter art that they’ll recognize and love. Available as wall art, stationary and even iPod and iPhone skins! $18-35.00.

We’re all about coming up with clever storage ideas to keep clutter off the floor and teaching our kids about being organized. That’s where this shelf comes in super handy. Hang jackets, blankets, and bags from the colorful pegs, and place books and toys on the shelf above. Score your One Fish Two Fish shelf for just $31.99.


Little known fact: the blankie is one of your most important first decisions as a parent, because you’ll likely be watching it trail along behind your little one for the next several years, at least. They’re only coming into this world once and these magically soft cotton Dr. Seuss receiving blankets are the perfect swaddling welcome. $9.95.

Building a love for all things Dr. Seuss starts early. How early? Well, even the tiniest of tots can enjoy the colorful creatures from the pages of Dr. Seuss’ books as they dangle overhead. The sounds of Brahms’ lullaby will lull your baby to sleep while visions of red and blue fishes dance through their dreams. Bring home this Dr. Seuss mobile for just $43.99

Bedtime with their favorite book becomes exponentially more fun with favorite pajamas to match, transforming them into characters in the story. Monogrammed with your wee reader’s very own name, these Cat In The Hat jammies are the perfect outfit for first-class travel to Dr. Seuss dreamland. $19.99.


Creating a Dr. Seuss themed room starts right when you open the door, and made even more special by the little touches that don’t get noticed at first glance. That’s where items like these stylized switchplate covers and outlet covers come in handy. Pick up a set in just about any design and style that you need to fit your kiddo’s room. $6.50


After baths are taken, teeth are brushed and the wet towel and toothpaste debris is taken care of, all your little Cats in Hats will be suited up in those Seussical pajamas (hopefully with both legs in the leg holes and arms in the right spots too, but let’s not get greedy). Complete the whimsical night time imagination travel package with character sheet sets to match. $18.18-$100.


Now you can carry your love for all things Dr. Seuss with you wherever you go (and oh, the places you’ll go!) with this charm bracelet. Each charm on the bracelet is a handcrafted clay mini of the classic Dr. Seuss books. There are seven books total, including: The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Yertle the Turtle, Hop on Pop, and If I Ran the Zoo. Currently the bracelet is adult sized but can be customized to fit even the littlest of wrists. $25.99


The Lorax was the protector of the trees, and what a good job of it he did indeed. Now he’s jumping into the kitchen, onto your tike’s bib, to make sure messy food spills don’t get on them. Prewashed and reversible with a yellow terry cloth back, the Lorax will ensure that mealtime is a clean affair with this Lorax printed baby bib. $8


The whimsical playtime doesn’t stop even after your kiddo has jumped into bed and turned out the lights. Keep the darkness at bay with the help of the Cat in the Hat. He’s expertly balancing all kinds of objects on his hands and feet, and ready to keep your little one’s room, bathroom, or hallway bright all night. No bedtime is complete without this Cat in the Hat nightlight. $19.99


And what will your kids keep all their Dr. Seuss things in? Whether it’s someplace to toss their clothes after a full day of adventuring, or simply a place to hold their precious whoosits and whatnots, these fabric containers make great storage for just about whatever your kids want to throw in them. $11.99.


Is your kiddo crazy about Dr. Seuss? Which of these items would make a great addition to your little one’s bedroom or closet?

— Genna McGahee & Scott Wardell