Feel like sprucing up your kitchen and mealtime? Behold these cool kitchen gadgets.

The kitchen is the center of any family home: from cooking to eating together, it’s a chance for busy families to reconnect with one another and fill their hungry tummies. We’re crushing on a few new and cool kitchen gadgets that are full of whimsy, fun and convenience. Afterall, if you have to have gadgets, they should definitely be cool, right?

These cool kitchen gadgets are not only exactly what will make your kids want to help cooking and eat (fun shapes always do the trick), but they’re also a lot of fun to use. Plus, they’re all things you actually need in the kitchen. Peelers, plates, and utensils are always going to be necessities. So, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the most adorable goodies for all your future meals. Scroll below to find the new object of your foodie affection.

Cat Peeler


Not only is this little peeler adorable, but it's also easy for little hands to hold. It should come in very handy for all those potatoes you need to peel for Thanksgiving mash. The little ears help to remove potato eyes, too. Also comes in white!

Cat Peeler ($12.99)—Buy Here!

ezpz Mini Play Mat


This dishwasher-safe silicone mat not only makes mealtime fun, but it's also perfect for those eaters who like their foods "separate" whenever possible. We also love this mat for holiday baking (you can use all the compartments for different cookie toppings) and even crafting supplies. Because it's easy to wash, there's no problem using it for a variety of things. It comes in an array of colors and sizes (some have more "mat" areas for crafting, etc.). 

ezpz Mini Play Mat ($22.99+)—Buy Here!

Nessie Ladle


Dive deep into pots of soup and stews with this long-necked, footed ladle in the shape of the elusive Loch Ness Monster. She even comes in a jumbo size.

Nessie Ladle ($17.95+)—Buy Here!

Construction Plate and Utensils

Constructive Eating

Make mealtime extra fun with this construction-themed plate and utensil set. Now all those noises you make to get the food down the hatch might sound so out of place! 

Construction Plate and Utensils ($35.95)—Buy Here!

Bear Hands Oven Mitts


Protect hands from burns and amuse your guests with these silly-sweet oven mitts that look exactly like bear paws, made with insulated cotton with heat-resistant silicone pads. They also come in polar bear hands if that's more your taste.

Bear Hands Oven Mitts ($20.27)—Buy Here!

The Gratiator

Peleg Design

Get your knights to gather around the table with this adorable but functional cheese grater that looks like a dagger. Enough said, right? You will never buy the pre-shredded cheese again. We’re pretty sure you’ll have a few volunteers to pitch in with meal prep with this one.

The Gratiator ($14.90)—Buy Here!

Emoji Cookie Cutters


With cookie baking season right around the corner, you and your kids will love whipping up a batch of sugar cookies (or really any solid dough designed for cutters) in the shape of emojis! 

Emoji Cookie Cutters ($5.49+)—Buy Here!

Lemoniere Lemon Juicer


It’s a juicer, it’s a miniature watering can, and it’s a ton of fun! Perfect for your favorite salad dressing, just squeeze the lemon juice directly in, add whatever seasonings and oil you might want and then sprinkle directly onto your greens. This just might get them to eat those veggies! 

Lemoniere Lemon Juicer ($9.90)—Buy Here!

The Brain Drain


Kids love playing in soapy water, so take advantage of that and get them to do a few dishes (non-breakables are fine). Even the most reluctant rinser will perk up when they see the Brain Drain, a clever little sponge holder that looks like a skull. And as a bonus, you can use it to hold a body scrubber in the bath, too. 

The Brain Drain ($11.99)—Buy Here!

Veggie Pops


Whether you’re introducing carrots to a wee one’s diet or making fancy popsicles for a playdate, this adorable popsicle maker will bring on squeals of delight. How can you go wrong? 

Veggie Pops ($14.99)—Buy Here!


Their First Kitchen Utensil Set

kitchen utensils, kitchen tools for kids
Q.D. Foodie

Whether they're into banging on pots and pans or have graduated to helping in the kitchen, set your little chefs up for success with this seven-piece utensil set from Q.D. Foodie. The utensils feature sensory-friendly, easy-to-grip handles, have braille on the measuring pieces and mimic real fruits and veggies. 

Their First Kitchen Utensil Set ($50.50)—Buy Here!

Karoto Original + Karoto Julienne


They look like giant pencil sharpeners, but they produce julienne-style results that can easily be formed into garnishes, thereby making your food look 10x fancier. 

Karoto Original + Karoto Julienne ($15.90)—Buy Here!

Bloom Rose Napkin Holders


From birthday parties to everyday eats, these napkin holders make mealtime more like story time. Easy to use, you just grab any napkin (cloth, paper) and fold it in half, give Bloom a twist and bam! Your napkin just became petals. Whimsy with a side of good manners? Yes, please. 

Bloom Rose Napkin Holders ($15.90)—Buy Here!

OXO Tot Stick & Stay Suction Divided Plate


You want kiddo to learn to eat from a real plate but don't want said plate tossed on the floor. Your solution: OXO Tot's new stick and stay divided plate. The curved side walls encourage your babe to feed herself, and it suctions to any surface—it's easy for mom and dad to remove, not so easy for the baby. 

OXO Tot Stick & Stay Suction Divided Plate ($10.99)—Buy Here!

Splatypus Jar Scraper Spatula


Never miss out on the last little bits of jam or peanut butter thanks to the Splatypus jar scraper. This little spatula is just $17; you'll save that much in jam in a year alone. 

Splatypus Jar Scraper Spatula ($7.10)—Buy Here!


—Amber Guetebier, Erin Lem, Gabby Cullen, Kate Cartia

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